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# ShoutYourVision# Republic Democratic of the Congo: We are not victims but fighters, we are not burdens but leaders! We are women, we are queens!


In the eyes of humanity, being called Congolese is synonymous with the word "Victim".

For a long time, Congolese women have lived in fear as they remain victims of the different wars that have ravaged my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But a question arises today! Are we going to continue to endorse the image of victims? The answer is a categorical "NO". It is time that the Congolese woman reaches her best day. It is time that she prints a new face. Let us recognize her strength, her beauty, her love for her community.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that is terrorizing the world, Congolese women have demonstrated that they are heroines of the shadows, that they are not victims but fighters, that they are not burdens but leaders.

Unfortunately, there are no stories about their courage, the local and international media always focus on politics, on news about killings and hunger. This is why the achievements of Congolese women, especially in this time of Covid-19, remain hidden. 

In view of this, I have decided in the year 2020, to create a platform, called « MalkiAfrica » , a space where you can find different articles about women and girls who work efficiently on a daily basis to survive and achieve their different goals despite the difficulties related to insecurity and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Malkia” is a Swahili word, a language spoken in all the countries of the Great Lakes sub-region of Africa, which means « Queen. » This name is derived from the fact that every woman should be recognized or should recognize herself as "A Queen", regardless of her position or her wealth.

As we know, the hard work of these women in our communities improves the daily life of a family, an entire society, an entire nation.

It is from their experiences, their heroic stories, their sufferings, their worries, their smile, their love, their wisdom, that together we will discover what the Congolese woman really is and what she is capable of accomplishing. We will discover her dreams but also the obstacles that prevent her from moving forward.

This magazine wants to be an essential contribution to young girls, by forging for each of them the "self-confidence", by helping them to apprehend the reality of their society with optimism, in the same way as the young boys of their age. Thus, they will be able to evolve in a healthy environment, distrusting all prejudices and relying on their own abilities.

MalkiAfrica Mag trains young girls to become the narrators of their own stories, sharing with the world the hidden stories of other courageous women who keep the community moving forward despite obstacles.

It is my heartfelt hope that through this opportunity given to us by World Pulse, I will be able to make women's voices heard and train many girls to tell stories that will enhance women in my community.  

Thank you!

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