.Peace Makers the 13 indigenous grandmothers council.

The Call

For the first time in 2004, i heard the Invisible Voice. "It is time to paint the peacemakers"..Over 3 years,3 times the Grandmothers council came to my awareness.

It started with an article, in the first edition of Worldpulse magazine. Then a  book about the council was gifted to me. Then my friend, Margin shown me their website that she just created... Meanwhile,I was hearing the silent Voice, like a thought, asking me to paint the peace leaders..and getting more insisting each time.I was wondering who peace leaders to paint The third time when Margin told me about their website, I decided to pay more attention.I went online. and saw them holding hands in the home page picture, My heart got so deeply moved, deep tears outpouring and I knew they were the peace leaders I was to paint .... 

I first resisted as I never painted portraits before ! then surrendering,I bought a 9 feet by 5 feet canvas I spent 6 months in my room, painting days and nights,at the rhythm of the Inspiration, deeply listening and fully dedicated to The Call. Painting them was a wonderful and extraordinary journey.At time I felt their different qualities and yet they all embody all these qualities felt what they feel, I felt the Compassion the Joy and the suffering of the world.The Courage, and the Strength of Mother Earth,playfulness and depth of what Love is,the wounds and the healing, the cries the Freedom to stand up for our Heart s flame,,the profound respect for Life,I saw the Divine flow in their eyes, The Presence in the expression of their soul as pure as Light...PEACE, UNITY AND HARMONY, their work, their dedication I felt my Heart expanding and embracing the world, overwhelmed I cried without understanding why, Sometimes I laughed echoing to their own Joy Sometimes I woke up singing in a language I do not know..Feeling One with all the world, like Life Itself I feel blessed to have done this painting and words cannot translate accurately what it is for me This painting is in honor and gratitude to who they are and to their work ...

AND came the time when in their presence in Groton Ithaca (Eight of them ) There,I stand before them for the first time,at their council..... Jyoti, the spiritual guide who had the vision to gather the 13 Grandmothers, is helping me to unroll the painting ..... I feel this incredible wave of Joy from the GrandMothers lifting me up as well from the crowd Literally lifted up! Grandmother Flordemayo jumped out of her chair to hug me in joy for so long . My body shaking in tears. then grandmother Rita B .crying and laughing at the same time,her fingers sweeping my tears to put them on hers,grandmother Tsering,Agnes Margaret,Mona,Beatrice and Rita Long visitor each and all deeply moved and happy And when we turned around to show the painting to the audience, the same energy of love .... From that moment on I have been honored and privileged to be with the grandmothers in ceremonies, sharing meals and room, being present at their many and various talks and teachings receiving their knowledge and wisdom I have been blessed by each and all at the last ceremony,, the closure of the sacred fire.

Prints from the painting are available to support to their work.

A leap of Faith I do not know what next could be as fulfilling for my soul as this and if I do not have another experience like this ,I take this one in and feel already very fortunate.I have learned, expanded my heart, healed and grown supported by Universe through all of my friends when my mind could not figure how I would make it.

 I stayed true to my guidance, regardless of any form of judgment starting with my own monkey mind .... In being free to express myself in alignment to my Heart s guidance, I experienced at times what being Home feels like THANK YOU

Minouche            www.minouche-graglia.com

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