A Food Festival to End Racial Discrimination of the Northeast People

Northeast Solidarity is organizing the Northeast Food Festival Bangalore on Saturday January 24, 2015 at 4 pm to 10 pm in Bangalore city in India. The food stall will begin to sell their food from 4 pm till 10 pm, that will be followed by a Cultural programme from 6 pm. The Food Festival is organised in aid of Northeast Helpline to strengthen it.

Northeast Helpline is the only crisis reaction, management, relief and grief redressal system currently functioning in the city of Bangalore in India. It is unique because it does not function in isolation but works with the local Police governance. It is the ultimate destination to gain information regarding Northeast people issues for the police and the government.It is a historical helpline because it brought relief to 35,000 Northeast inhabitants living in Bangalore from ethnic clash in the year 2012 which is popularly remembered as ‘exodus’ by many.

The helpline continues to function with the same dedication to safeguard rights and safety in our Northeast brothers and sisters and attends to every call for help. From the time the crisis happen to the time the case taken to the court and justice is delivered. Northeast helpline is not focused on just telephone calls, it is focus on full support to northeast people in crisis.

Northeast Solidarity based in Infantry road, Bangalore -1, is a non-profit organisation with the vision to build solidarity and foster friendship for the larger goal of negating racial discrimination.

Northeast Food Festival being organized by Northeast Solidarity on Saturday January 24, 2015 between 4 to 10 pm at the United Theological College, 63 Miller’s Road, Benson Town, back side of Cantonment Railway station, is a showcase of ethnic cuisine of the eight sisters of Northeast, Ethnic Fashion show, cultural dance, games and live music.

We aspire to build the ideal platform to build friendship between the locals and people of northeast India. And we know where there is friendship, there is no room for racial discrimination.

Support Northeast Helpline, Support Northeast Food Festival which will generate resource to sustain northeast helpline. Entry is free. Any query call Rini at +91-9449819757 and Urmila at +91-8904829672.

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