A letter to my society

Dear society that turned us this way,

Growing up we had strict parents and very high expectations to meet as a girl and while the desired results and intentions behind it all was nice, the peak of the sad realization is very ugly!.

We were taught that we are the embodiment of the society yet not given the necessary tools that could make us elastic enough to embody even the unit of the society. We were raised to think we should keep giving yet we were already dried up before reaching the giving stage, growing up we were taught to be a man's companion but in reality we were built and broken to be a man's lesser partner.

And then I wonder even with the faulty teaching our present reality should not have been then I got the last piece of the puzzle, WE HAVE BEEN PUSHED TO THE WALL....

We have been seeking for equality way too long that we didn't realise we started fighting back years ago, the society didn't acknowledge that fight that has run deep in every females burning heart that we forgot who we really are a MOTHER,CAREGIVER,RIVER OF WISDOM TO KEEP THE WORLD MOVING and since the society failed to acknowledge that we are left to pick up the pieces of this broken society all over again, the pieces we have been picking for years and centuries now.

And now I ask my dear society that turned us this way what exactly will YOU do to help change the narrative of the next wave of female children yet to be born?

Log On. Rise Up.
Our Voices Rising
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