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A very Happy Birthday to the Jensine Larsen

I am an educationist, women's rights and interfaith harmony builder in Pakistan. When I was 13 I had to face religious discrimination in my school for my Christian faith therefor I left the school and made my own school in the courtyard of my house. I recruited students by visiting door to door in my village. I would teach girls and would teach myself, I would not charge any fee for this and until that time I did not know that this was the cause for which I was born to bring peace in our world through education, empowerment and religious harmony. As time was passing I was learning that women’s issues are endless in my society, I did not know how to help them. It needed money and sources and I had nothing. I belonged to a poor family, I am single, I belong to the Christian minority of Pakistan and I am a woman. All of these are signs of a weak woman in my society because to do something in my culture we must need a man by our side and I did not have one, but with every passing day more and more women and girls were coming to me for help to solve their problems.

I started doing a job to support the cause with my salary, but it was not enough instead my health started getting down because I have been working 18 to 20 hours a day for many years.

Until 2010 the problems were so many and there was no support, I was getting sick,  I  was having periods of anxiety, I was so sick of witnessing hunger, child labor, child marriage, honor killing of my own students, poverty and a lot untold suffering that women have to face behind the walls.

I was facing threats for teaching girls. This was the time when Taliban were burning schools in Pakistan every day and everybody was so scared of them. I was a single woman, all alone and I was giving free education to 100 girls at that time, I was doing a full time job and even my team members in my office were against me. One day I was standing on the road waiting for the bus when two men came on a motor bike they slapped on my face, dragged me and left, by saying close your school ASAP or you will face the consequences, I went to office and sat in the washroom I cried there so much and went to my work station, in the evening I came back home, went to the washroom and cried a lot, then taught my student in my evening school for four hours and in the night I took my pillow kept my head on this and cried in silence so much but I did not let anyone know of what happened that day to me because I knew there was no one to help .

This was a dark period of my life, after one week I was coming back from the office when a big van chased me, the open Rikshaw in which I was sitting tried to escape three time but on fourth attempt they big van was able to hit my it, I was pulled out on the road and I and people on the road thought my legs were fractured but luckily this time again I had small wounds and I was safe. I knew there was no one to support and I needed a miracle from the God that’s why I started praying from the Jesus Christ. I knew I was doing God’s work therefore he will send his support.

In 2011 I joined social media  and in 2012 I joined World Wide Women’s Facebook page as volunteer  administrator whose team recommended me to the World Pulse .

So transformation began. I started sharing my stories, I was happy that there was someone who was listening to me I was not keeping everything in heart anymore, some women on this platform started appreciating me. But then they started a competition called Lynn Syms Global Prize I also participated and shared my story and I won this competition and the Jensine Larsen the CEO of the World Pulse started writing to me herself, she would appreciate me, she would read my blogs, she was aware of everything that I was doing, she would talk to me herself, she would find ways to help and to get me support from everywhere where it was possible.

Women from around the world started sending me financial and moral support, my story was published in leading News Papers of the World, and I got speaking opportunities on international platforms.

Jensine Larsen is the answer of my prayers, she is the miracle in my life, she is the blessing for my cause, and she is the super woman of transformation,

She is the light who has thrown away all the darkness of my life through her love and compassion for women of the world. She is the woman of action; she is a woman of wisdom, struggle, support and endless love for the Peace and humanity.

Now my life is so full of hope and recognition, my school is no more in the courtyard but in a proper building with all the basic facilities, I am not doing a job anymore and I have security cameras in my skills center and school. My work and impact is getting multiplied with every passing day. I have four Bible schools so that forced Conversion of the Christians in Pakistan can be stopped I have own small building for the women’s skills center, I am internationally recognized and supported for my cause and it started with the Jensine Larsen.

Today on her birthday I must say that I would have been killed or died of stress by now if Jensine Larsen was not there to support me and if she would not give a strong waves to my voice to touch thousands and thousands hearts and ears on the planet.

Thank you Sister Jensine Larsen for your presence in the world, without you I and millions of other women on the planet would be so alone.

Wish you a very happy Birthday and love you so much








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