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Ain't no sunshine when she's gone...

♫ And this PulseWire house just ain't no home anytime she goes away♫ :-)

It has truly been a pleasure writing, reading, exploring and exchanging ideas and learning from all of you.

Thanks. Merci. Shukran. Gracias. Obridgada. Insert a 'thanks' in your language of choice here

As this application process comes to a close, I'm reminded of the song 'Ain't no sunshine' ( To listen to the song: because these past few weeks have been filled with natural light, in this online PulseWire home we've created. In many ways, it would be sad to just see this home turn into a house, unoccupied and dusty because its family is not there to fill it with warmth and good conversations.

I sincerely hope this momentum keeps going because it is inspiring!
I've been inspired... to \"get behind the mic.\"

I'm delving back into community radio. Yup, I'm planning to start a segment on a local feminist community radio program called The Third Wave. In this segment, I'll be putting the spotlight on cool and interesting young feminist initiatives from around the world. My first segment starts May 14th. Very excited! I'm humbly asking for YOUR help with two things:

1- What should I name this segment? Your creative suggestions would be much appreciated!!!
2- What cool, young women-led projects should I highlight from your part of the world? I'm looking for names of organizations, names + contact info, stories... :) Message me if you have suggestions.

Finally, it seems ideas posted on this group journal get traction so I'm throwing a fun idea I had late last night and I'm hoping you can contribute to it. I originally posted this in the sharing ideas section.
It's called: \"Picture happiness. What do you see?\" Find out more by clicking here:

Looking forward to your suggestions and ideas.

♫ And I know, I know, I know, I know...this PulseWire family home ain't just a house ♫

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