As youth now we living in a life that is frustrating, were you cannot find the jobs

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It's shows that unemployment really the issues and youth are struggling physically,emotionally and financially.

I'm concerned about youth of today were it's very hard to find jobs we're it's lead to hunger ,criminals and alot of suicidal, were in some point never noticed that.

Finding my self to look outside the box and able to Hustle and create something that I studied at school and create Hustle for myself even sometimes money doesn't come every day.

I really concerned about ather youth that got family to take care of them and some of them graduated and still luck to their lives .

Let's create something to ourselves while you waiting for dream Job or Be your own boss to create work for others.

As youth of today let's refuse to be opressed and start to be changers, it's really important were we have to find our interests or finding ourselves really it's frustrating to see us dying because of no income.

We found jobs that are contract,learnership that are not able to hold our future. So it's like we living but we don't exist.

I know starting Hustle it's not easy but if you already started it will push were will able to ga some patiency especially when you receive first clients, but will face some struggle,at end will grow rather we sit and cry to the government until how many years we crying 😢

Some other hints find people who are in business or search for various connects were you will gain how to start your Hustle business.

Some of us we don't need to start big ,Start with what you have and later grow your business.

When look our Youth we are face of tomorrow and the young generation will copy from us if we don't lead ourselves to negatives aspects. Let's be changed setters.

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