Be honest to yourself!

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Every beauty us grateful to a sacrifice!

Be Honest to yourself!

No one is perfect. We all have flaws and we shouldn't run for perfection. Sometimes our flaws are our identity as well. They keep us unique from others. Imagine, people saying about you, 'Do you remember you used to be shy?' See they remember you from being shy. Afterall, our weakness is actually not a weakness then. Be honest, love yourself! Talk to yourself, evaluate your performance. Look into the mirror, you are not a broken soul but a pretty enlightened soul who reflects in her own manner.

Congratulate yourself, lift up each other. We together complete each other. If I can't do this so what, if I can't read so what,I can listen, I can watch.. Tell yourself, when there is a will there is a way. So never be shy, ashamed or hesitant to speak out yourself

Don't be materialistic like a sensitive showpiece in a decoration shop. Be like a tree in the forest, grow here and there, spread yourself with confidence and move on. Hurdles will come but you will pass,because you will be honest to yourself and trusting yourself not relying on other's shoulder to give you support But if you can be a support anyhow to anyone never hesitate.

Encourage yourself, accept the facts of your personality and groom it to reflect like a candle in your soul.

Being different is a blessing, you don't think like anyone else. You have your own vision, path to follow so make your way others will follow you. Look in the past, you will see many leaders arose with a vision then they worked day and night for that. It is no comparision that a qualified person with degree is better than a person who has no degree. It is your thoughts,efforts,sacrifices that matters.

From a coal mine, diamonds do come. Be a diamond and shine with love. So be honest to yourself first!

Batool Kazmi

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