Behind the Smile

This picture Signifies what a lot of people go through on daily basis. Behind the smile is sorrowful heart.

Photo Credit: ROYCE FLIX

My name is Blessing Robinson. I am an educationist. A teacher by profession. I am cool, easy going, a lioness, a go getter, a survivor and a very independent woman.

my story was a very bitter experience and costly mistake I will never allow to happen again.

Have you ever seen some people laughing and smiling gorgeously that you admire their smiles.? well, behind that beautiful smile and gorgeous laugh is a

heart full of sorrow, An eyes full of tears. That one puts up a smiling face doesn’t mean all is well. A lot of people are suffering depression but when they come out, they try to hide their pains, they try to hide their depression by putting on a fake smile that looks real, that looks gorgeous. Have you asked yourself why do people suddenly commit suicide The reason is simple. We fail to understand what others are passing through. We assumed all is well with our friends, brothers,relatives. When last did you check on that your friend, brother and relatives? Do you know a phone call can save a life. Do you know a visit can change a dying heart. Do you know that a little care can heal a broken heart? And bring a depressed soul back to life.

In the year 2018, I had this friend that both of us look like sisters. We do things together, we can’t stay without the presence of each other. Of a sudden she stopped communicating with me. I didn’t bother because we had a little misunderstanding at the time, so I thought she is forming. Little did I know that my friend was battling with cancer and she refused to tell me. The only thing that was still keeping her alive was our lovebirds friendship. I never knew that my friend that My friend find it not worth living again since I refused talking to her. I never knew until after two weeks of me not hearing from her. When I noticed she wasn’t gonna call me, I decided to call her. But her phone kept ringing without picking. I called her more than 25 times but no responds. I Stopped calling but was restless. Later in the day, I called again but another person picked up the call and told me that she is no more. That she took her life herself. Immediately l dropped the call, I rushed to their house but met her absence with a short note she kept for me. Written! BABE HAD YOU KNOW YOU WERE THE REASON FOR MY LIVING YOU WOULDN’T HAD STAY AWAY FROM ME. I AM A CANCER PATIENT. SORRY I DIDNT TELL YOU BECAUSE I DIDNT WANT YOU TO FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. I LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU. GOODBYE MY TWIN FROM ANOTHER MOTHER. After reading this, I wept bitterly but that didn’t bring my dear friend back. You see , you may be someone’s sun shine on that his/her sick bed, situation etc. Don’t assume that all is well with that your friend, brother or relatives. Remember, BEHIND THAT BEAUTIFUL SMILE there is ………………………………………….

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