Beneficiary #5 of Rescue Women Girls Scholarship

Warm hearted Pende Rudi is going to form 2. The fact that her father is unavailable did not stop her mother from putting bits together so that she can attend school.

Rudi's father is a Nigerian. He left Cameroon to Nigeria shortly after Rudi was born. Till date, they have not seen or heard from him. Women like Rudi's mother are the kind of women I admire in life. I have a soft spot for every woman who despite limited resources, struggles to send their children (daughters especially) to school. This tells us that such women have come to acknowledge the importance of education.

It is with that drive for the success of her daughter that I decided to reserve this scholarship spot for Rudi.

There is a story I wrote for the Press Journal on how the corpse of an Oroko woman who died during childbirth was maltreated because it is believed that when women die during pregnancy or childbirth they have swine witchcraft. The woman whose corpse was maltreated is Rudi's aunt. You can read the story following the link below:

Congratulations, Rudi!

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