Best Encourager Party Yet!

Paulina, Dawn, Efe, Busayo, Kaye, and Myself (February, 2024)

It's already a gift to be a part of such a wonderful platform, getting to know so many global trailblazers on this platform. But, then to join the Encourager Parties is another gift altogether, getting to know them more personally and to celebrate the community even more.

Today, however, Dawn, Kaye and I were reunited in God only knows how long. It has to be two, perhaps even longer years, since we were in the same sacred container/space together. How overwhelming it was to behold... truly. Thank you so much World Pulse, and Jensine, specifically, for creating such a beautiful, powerful community for wonderful, awakened special people. This is the world I want to live in. This is the world I want to help continue to create... thanks to the amazing teachings of the World Pulse community. I seriously don't know where I would be right now without learning about this community and being a part of it. It's made such a difference in my life, who I am, my organization, and what I intentionally create every day.

It was extra special having long-term members, Efe, Paulina, and Busayo in our group, too! What a celebration it was! Hopefully you can see it in our faces from the screenshot.

Thanks so much, earth angel, Kirthi, for ensuring that you put all of us together in this breakout room today. You rock!! I will cherish this special gift that you've given us today always.

Thanks to everyone reading this. If you're part of this platform and community, there's a reason. You're meant to be here. Only certain, special people belong and feel like they belong in this unique and amazing setting! Don't forget it. You're special!

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