Broken Open, I came empty and left full. A journey of discovery

As women leading outreaches across Nigeria and around the world, we may often feel a little discouraged working the vision.

Some years ago I traveled on a planned 3-month journey for business. While on this journey, I encountered some obstacles which delayed me from returning back home. I wasn't prepared for this delay, however, the situation was out of my control. With only a suitcase, little money, and nowhere to lodge, I had no choice but to reach out to a childhood friend for shelter.

What should have been a 90-day trip, turned into a 365-day journey of discovery.

Broke and broken open, I begin to weep one night while laying on the floor. I felt helpless and without resources to lift myself.

Then, amid my tears, I heard a voice say, "EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS IN YOUR HAND"

I looked around the room, and I said to myself... there's no bed, no window coverings, no chair, no dresser, no table, no cup, no plate, no spoon, no fork.... What was I  hearing?  the room was empty....

Then I notice my computer bag, laptop, and phone. I opened my laptop, clicked on my hotspot, and typed an advert ad on a free social site. Asking for unwanted items.

Within two weeks my phone was ringing off the hook.

My journey had turned into a community network of people and organizations coming together for one cause. To help me ship supplies to Africa.

During this journey, network relationships were built. Friendships were made and people were blessed. Within my delay, I was able to ship 3 containers of items to West Africa,  all through the power of networking.

Ladies, together we can achieve more.

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