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Celebrating World Pulse

Here I am, two weeks away from my journey to USA with World Pulse. Many feelings are taking over me. Sometimes joy dominates, other times anticipation and concern. How could I not be overwhelmed all the time? One thing I am sure of, I went through many transformations during my journey with WP, and to me it feels like the time to get out from the cocoon and fly has come.

I am looking forward to everything in the tour. I am eager to meet the lovely members of World Pulse team that I communicated with for months and had their attention and care. I am eager to meet my amazing mentor Sarah, and eager to meet World Pulse’s partners. Every detail in the tour is waited for, every individual I will meet, every action I will take and every thought I will exchange. When I got the itinerary and learnt about the activities we will do and places we will visit, I was surprised. A few months ago I was reading about Clinton Global Initiative and I told myself that it really seems a great place and would like to go there someday. It was a surprise for me to know that I will visit this place sooner than expected during World Pulse tour. I am excited that I will meet my friends Stella and Neema, can’t wait to listen to what they want to say and learn from them. Together, we will go through this journey.

As it was my life in the previous months during my participation in the Voices of Our Future program, I hope that this tour would also be enlightening to me. I hope that I will be up to the responsibility and the gift of being part of a wonderful experience. I hope that I will be strong to talk for my people and country and that I would make them proud, I hope that I make Syrian and Kurdish women proud, and make my mother proud. I hope that my voice which I finally found would be heard and would touch others. I hope that the courage I gained through this journey would give me the energy to empower other women, would be a motive and a clue for those who need my voice.

It was a great path during the last year with World Pulse starting from choosing me to be one of the women in VOF program till I was chosen for the World Pulse tour. All the way I worked hard and wanted to be chosen, but at the same time I accepted and understood the reality that I might not. With each step in the way, words and thoughts poured fluently, it felt so right to release them to the world. Success at the end of the program was a revolution in my life. What were the chances for me to be chosen for a once in a lifetime experience? What were the odds for an average Syrian woman who suffered from a lot of disappointments in her life, who sometimes still carries around the insecure little girl inside her?
I did, success was glorious and came when most needed in a sad and a desperate time for my country. Success meant to stick to what I believe in, to stick to my values, to search for chances and take decisions, to seek change. Success is to do everything in my power and hope for the best, it means to conquer fears. Success means finding the way of my heart.

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