You might have heard that I'm passionately working to protect children and vulnerable adults in my country, South Africa, joining hands with dedicated community groups there, to stop the rape and abuse of our women and children in SA.

I am doing this because I would like to see, during what little or much lifetime I have left, that our children's world will not be eroded further. I want them to have space for dreams in a brighter future. I'm working so that our children will be what they are: 100% our future.

I would like to ask you to become participants with me in this venture, to just watch and send good wishes our way if you cannot contribute in any other way. And if you are able to, please send a copy of this request out to everyone you might be in touch with, who might be keen to send the message out further and who might have ideas for us to become one army, linking arms across the world, to collaborate and take Africa by storm by sweeping back the waves of rape and violence which fester HIV/AIDS.

We must empower our children and the vulnerable to use their own strengths to watch out for themselves. This is what this bit of work in this story is about!

(Cape Province)
Pyramid Training. Anti-Rape and Anti-Grab Training the Trainers Project


Will you sponsor a Trainer please?
In South Africa we are setting up anti-rape clubs in schools and in the community. We are doing pyramid training, training Trainers to train Trainers to help the vulnerable in our community and schools to be rape savvy and to stay safe.

Why are we doing this?
To stop rape especially of our girl children in schools!
To reduce HIV/AIDS! To give our children a better future!

We are 50% there
We have paid for ourselves to go to Cape Town from Kenya in October. We are paying for our own accommodation. We are determined to help our women and children to protect themselves.

200 Trainers x 20 children each = 2,000 children will become savvy and use their own skills to protect themselves by early next year. Then the next round starts …. Our Army of Trainers are going into all schools, into all communities. ….

We need help to support the Trainers
Trainers are mostly unemployed. They need support to do this valuable work, such as transport to get around in the townships, food for the day, a small stipend to defray expenses. Please help them.

Worried that your money might not get to the community?
The Project is externally monitored by Professor Paul Stanton, De Montfort University, United Kingdom. and his associates. Professor Stanton is not attached to the management of this Project. He and his team ensure that our management of the Project is totally accountable, honest, and that we stay on target with our outcomes. Previously a Strategic Adviser on Quality and Regulation at the UK Department of Health (UK), he is also Chief Executive of Southminster Consultancy Associates.

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