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CSW66: This is about Equal Participation

Yesterday #WomanWetemWeta #Vanuatu responds to #TCDovi I joined #CSW66 #AsiaPacific preps from Suva, Fiji to uplift Pacific women-led innovation and recommendations drawing from cross-coalition learnings and evidence.

It was an opportunity to highlight that since the 2009 co-creation of #Fiji #WomensWeatherWatch Pacific Women have #redesigned our engagement in disaster management and  climate action.

Appropriate and Accessible Technology is an accelerator of change for diverse women - to determine their platforms, claim and amplify their voice and outreach, as well as enabling their leadership in community-led responses.

Young women are being resourced to connect climate science and climate services with traditional, indigenous knowledge and to enhance voice and influence to progress the collective call for climate justice. They are being supported to determine and develop information and communication systems and platforms to gather and share information on the weather, disasters, food, health and water security including to government officials. Last year we saw the establishment of #MeriGatInfomesen in PNG/Bougainville.

Ultimately this is about Equal Participation in line with all treaty obligations and policy commitments – building on the Generation Equality Forum Action Coalitions and WPS-Humanitarian Compact to enhance diverse women’s participation to build on the recognition of women on the frontlines as first responders – this is now about HOW decision-making structures – disaster management committees, the global and national cluster systems are transformed to redesign the table to bring evidence based recommendations based on local expertise, traditional knowledge and innovation – and this can start at CSW66 by member states opening the UN doors to real and meaningful inclusion and participation.



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