Domestic Violence is not an option

To everyone no mater your situation, domestic violence is not an option for your survival, do not teach your sons and daughters that it is okay to be abuse by anyone, stand up and fight you can face the world and survive, make that your goal make a plan and work the plan, from the first violent attack whether verbally or physically it will only get worse, so discuss the first incident, and make a stop if it persist then start a plan believe me, with God all things are possible if I could do it you can too, i was abused for over 20 years separated 21 times from him because we had 4 minor kids but it only got worse until I almost died I had 4 kids all under 12 years old when I had to run for my life, so lets take a stand and make the right chose life. after which I have worked sent my kids to school they are all successful and now I have started a non-profit for battered women and children senior citizen veterans, disabled, and economically challenged today I am happy to be alive and see my Kids grow to become men and woman who respect me for what I did to save them, it's not easy to flee your home country and got to a strange land (US) not knowing where to or what will be next with 4 kids and no job, with little money to go on and survive and become successful without strength and determination, so I want to share with the world if I can you can to! so in return for God's blessings I want share my story around the world. If I can You can too.  

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