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Before the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ I was fortunate to visit Nandembo Primary School and Nandembo Secondary School, It is a good time I have been waiting for to meet students for parenting education, this education is important and necessary for every child to get it.

Topics that I have enabled include developmental education, hygiene issues, respect for their gender and self-awareness education by asking them the following questions;

who am i?

others say who am I?

What is my capacity?

What are the limits of my performance?

Several answers were given among them and I emphasized knowledge by telling them that they are human beings who are created in the image of God and are unique.we live in interdependence there is no reason to compete.Everyone has been given the gift of life to be a boy or a girl for himself and his parents . They are here on earth to fulfill the purpose for which they were created. I urged them to accept themselves as they are after realizing that there are physical changes in development that do not take them away from the purpose and they begin to change and have evil deeds in society.

In the end they agreed to form a formation club that would monitor the state of formation among them.

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