Empowering the MEWOCUDA women with skills

Some women holding some of the liquid soap produced

Photo Credit: Photo credit by me

Group photo, after the training program on how to make liquid soap.

As part of our community advocacy program on Gender based violence and women empowerment, which we started last year by organizing a two weeks community empowerment program were we trained over 120 women and girls in mile 4 Limbe, and 30 MECUDA women on how to make liquid soap, Soda soap and ice cream.

So far, we have continued to Idenau, a community in the West Coast, of the South West Region and have successfully educated the MEWOCUDA WOMEN ,(META cultural and development Associations), in a 2 days training on GBV and liquid soap making. This training was carried out once a week within two weeks.

During this training, we empowered the Idenau women on liquid soap making.

We took out time to educate the women on what GBV is, its causes , effects and consequences on community development.  How to identify a potential pedophile and parental vigilance on children. 

We realised that the women were so happy to learn and also contributed by opening up on the realities faced within their community, which is increase rape and teenage pregnancies. The ongoing crisis has also made things worse, leading to an increase in more vulnerable people and rape victims daily.

They also opened up to the fact that, a lack of sustainable means of livelihood is one of the leading causes why some vulnerable women get abuse.

Lack of jobs and total dependency on the husband can sometimes lead to violence. Most at times, the woman has no say in the home because she doesn't contribute financially to the growth of the home, and so sees the husband as her only source of support and cannot speak up even when violated.

Like wise, young girls fall prey to arrogant men and get abuse in the course of trying to fend for themselves or getting a better means of livelihood support.

They also pointed out instances of lack of justice or inadequate follow up of the judiciary when a case is eventually reported, and the medical bills for examination are exorbitant. 

We encouraged them to always report rape cases to the Women empowerment center, police gender desk, Social welfare or run to HAND IN HAND Cameroon for psychosocial support.






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