Engaging climate Smart practices: Regenerative Urban Gardening

This is a vegetable garden grown from fowl pup and food waste. The idea is to ensure that each house hold owns a green garden. No matter where we leave ( on high rising buildings or bungalows),a green garden can be made

Photo Credit: Photo credit by me

Making green regenerative gardens on small surface areas, using organic manure to grow food, flowers and green vegetations. Other options are: The use of shaped plastic bottles, papers, tins and buckets in making urban gardens and avoid urban processed food.

As time passes by, i noticed the drastic climatic changes ranging from high heat wave, over flooded streams, gutters and streets, leading to the destruction of urban infrastructures like roads, houses and many properties destroyed. As a trained Engineer in Town Planning and Founder for HAND IN HAND Cameroon with knowledge on environmental management, i understood that its high time the entire population of Cameroon, is trained on climate related issues, in other to enable every one take actions at individual levels. This has lead to the Initiative of training fellow Cameroonians on the little thing we do in our day to day life, that has lead to what we're facing today. The training is meant to be on social medias, Tv stations, news papers and Whatsapp groups.

To this regard, a WhatsApp training session toke place last Saturday 12th August 2023, and successfully trained 108people on the group. The next face continues today 14th August 2023 and will be followed by 250people and more, on another Whatsapp group.

During this participative training program, some questions were asked for the followers to answer , so that everyone understands what he or she is doing and how it affects the environment. The following questions and answers were give as follows:

Group discussion; list 10 causes of climate change

1. Deforestation

2. Burning of fossil fuel 3. Fertilizers containing nitrogen

4. Littering (indiscriminate waste disposal) 

5. Burning of plastics

6. Bush burning during agriculture

7. Power burning

8. smoke cause during the Manufacturing of goods or products

9. Smoke from vehicles or transport vessels

10. Volcanic eruptions

Group discussion; can climate change be noticed within weeks or days?

Answer; NO. Climate change is the repercussion of a long-term action on the environment

At this point, we concluded that, climate change is caused by the different things we do and engage in(our own actions). Therefore, it is caused by you and I. Everybody is responsible for what is happening and its effects are also felt by all. Therefore, we must all take climate friendly actions. 

Therefore, its high time we create awareness on the little things we do and the impending DANGER ahead.

Group discussion; what are the historical changes that have been identified and can be linked to climate change

1. High heat (increase temperature) noticed lately

2. Flooding 

3. Low crop yields

Lets talk about the forest and the consequences of deforestation.

The forest is an area with a large number of trees

We have realized that, in forest areas, rain drops do not directly fall on the ground. The rain water first drops on the leaves of the tree and then drops to the ground slowly. So, when the forest has been cut down, the rain water will just drop directly to the ground. So, what happens is that, the top soil in most forest areas, becomes very light because the rain dropping directly into the ground will wash away the top soil, and makes the soil infertile. Again, rainfall in forest areas drops slowly on the ground and has enough time to gradually sinks into the ground and then will gradually form the water table and came back as streams.So, when we cut down the forest, must of the springs will dry up because there have not been feed by the accumulation of water in the water table gotten into the soil through rain fall. Another impact of deforestation is the fact that, when rain falls there is a high erosion rate because the rain water will easily run away, leading to the erosion of the top soil and landslides.It is the running water that carries away the accumulated plastic bottles that are carelessly disposed in the environment, which block gutters and are later deposited into the ocean

Some incommunicable diseases associated to climate change are liable to occure. 😏What a health danger we may face if nothing is done.


Way forward: how do we fix this ? or how do we mitigate the effects of climate Change?

1. Let's engage reforestation

2. Turn off lights and electrical equipments regularly.( AN OPERATION 5MINS BLACK OUT DAY FOR CLIMATE CHANGE to be lunched).


HAND IN HAND Cameroon is engaging a climate smart practice, Which is titled: Regenerative urban gardening. 

Some one would ask! What is regenerative urban gardening? 

Regenerative gardening is an environmentally conscientious approach to managing and planting gardens. Simply put, it means growing plants with the environment in mind, not just your consumption needs. This way, you nourish the soil naturally instead of depleting it and attempting to fix it with fertilizers. 

we can't argue the fact that we have waste bags, tyres, bottles, leaves, buckets etc. we want to see how we can turn them into organic gardens. 

Space is not a problem. Through regenerative urban gardens, every one is capable of growing his/her own vegetables, flowers, fruits, and green space, without using fertilizers except for organic manure. This method is ecological friendly, environmentally friendly, improves urban beauty, enables clean breath and improves health conditions of citizens.

Regenerative urban gardening, can be done in urban areas. This is a way of trying to fix or mitigate the environmental hazards already faced on the urban area(eg high heat waves). this gardens will help reduce heat waves in cities, if many citizens get involve. Every one can practice it,even if your living on a story building or in a bungalow.



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