Flavoring life risked Education

Battgram inciident

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It all started early morning when eight lions of battagram ( District in Hazara KP, Pakistan) boarded a cable car to reach their school. six of them were students and 2 were teachers. The incident had occurred early in the morning — estimated between 7am and 8am — when six students and two locals were on the way to school. The students were of 10-12 years of age as estimated by a teacher named Gul farazz. Cble car was 2000 meters high. they all started their journey at 6am August 22, 2023 and round about at 7-8 am one wire or rope of cable car broke and suddenly after that another wire cut off from its place . the only wire which remained intact was one because the cable car was standing on 3 wires. All the passengers got stuck their fearing for their life.

Almost at 11am one of the passengers became successful in contacting to rescue lines. Whole Pakistan was deeply aggrieved, Army helicopters reached the place for carrying out rescue operations. the operation was extremely dangerous as only one wire was bearing all the load of car and passengers and one more impediment in carrying out the operation was another wire which was right 30 feet above the cable car which was continuously hindering the sling operations. the weather was windy, parents were in extreme sorrow of their children.

Even 9th board result of three student announced on that day and they secured good results. after spending whole day, the operation continued till night and then our expert and brave army officers saved all the passengers.

the thing why i'm writing this is that these teachers and students are the real heros who were not affraid of this difficult journey and were pursuing their passion of education. Salute to the youngsters who used to travel abou 2- 4km on a height of 2000meters for their education and a standing ovation to that teacher who is making lion hearted students for building the nation. All by acting upon sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. HE said,


so this must be the spirit of of education. i want to salute and pay tribute to the parents and their children who didnt let this difficult path hinder their way of success.

All parents must be like them every student must posses courage like them every teacher must be brave and strengthened like them.

this will lead us to a path of success. Education must be this much important in every country in every corner of the world.

i want all Pakistanis to have this courage and determination to let their daughters and sons study.

Flavor of this life risked education would surely be so deep.


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