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For girls, a parent's signature is required for a love marriage!

Photo Credit: Journalist Dharaa Patel

Journalist Dharaa Patel

The Gujarat Government is considering implementing it, and local authorities back them. Since the so-called community leaders want to save their girls, it is obvious that this will help them politically. When a girl needs money for higher education, parental permission to pursue a dream, or to file a complaint about molestation at a school, college, or place of employment, these leaders are not readily apparent.

What about parents who use girls for tantrik vidhi (a case was reported from a highly educated Gujarati family)? What about girls who live with their stepmother or stepfather? What about those underprivileged girls who occasionally experience father-to-daughter abuse?  

What about the girls whose parents simply desire calm following their marriage? We still recall the incident involving Ayesha, who leaped into a river after recording it. Despite the fact that her father was a kind man, she didn't want to burden her parents. Indian culture does not readily accept marital failure. Once the daughter hit 25, the majority of the family began to compromise on any level. The parents do not device the property in the event that woman experiences domestic abuse or struggles in an arranged marriage if they have male child. Parents are not always God. Indian sanskaar may make me asanskaari about when we discuss this. The family and family values are important. 

Each and every family member... Equal rights, affection, and respect should be accorded to parents, fathers, sons, and daughters-in-law. However, in Indian society, everyone in their senior years wants to be seen, respected, and subordinated by their family. They are God even though they want dowry. Despite how poorly they treat their daughter-in-law, they are God. Despite their prejudice against boys and girls, they are God. Unfortunately, due to numerous obstacles, India lacks a leader who can make decisions that benefit all people. Since no one in this country believes that the other side of the cow is our mother, all of our decisions are based on feelings, which makes it simple. 

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