FORCEFUL EVICTIONS " rob me my childhood

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back road in the land of the free were i don't have to worry about being evicted and living in fear life is good here

growing up was not a walk in the park as a young skinny girl i saw events that rob me my childhood my dad was a head teacher in one of the big schools in my community same to my mother who was a swahili teacher they won most a words for being the best teachers if i remember well atteding most of their a word function together not knowing it was short lived for all of us ! boom!!here comes elections and both my parents were given 24 hrs to go back were they came from dad thought it was a joke but it wasn't ! actually it was so real they got a slip with 24hrs notice to leave!! , my mother got confused not forgetting they had just bought this 3 acter piece of land bulding their retirement home they were just settling here ,the only thing my parents decided to go with were their documents they left everthing behind ; my dad was like money can always be recovored life cannot lets run! my parents had to go back to starting from zero it was Elnino season that time we slept outside with all the rain , malaria threat , no food to eat , no clean water to drink the exeprience gave both my parents deression the first one to be hit was my mother she one day never woke up , died on her sleep just like that , my dad had to bury my mother so fast he had no money to preseve the body so burring her the same day was the only option i miss my mother to date i still see my mothers dead face the grief followed me to adulthood. so my dad had to play the role of both parents i saw my dad cry so many times alone , one day i saw my dad taking a rope he wanted to end his life my dad saw me and tried to hide the rope , he was like sweetie all will be ok ! with teary eyes yet deep down i could see it in his eyes he wanted to die he wanted to follow my mother . that was not long i found my dad dangling on a tree he had killed himself he was tired of life , suffering i still belive my dad had given up in life he didnt care about me being left an orphan with nothing! that was the begining of my mysteries nobody was willing to adopt me because they fear responsibility but because GOD has a tendancy to make a nobody to become a somebody in front of anyone without asking a nobody i was found by an organization that changed my life forever through a program that was being given to orphans in my community through church i went to school, graduated and was lucky to fly a broad to start a new life .after two years living abroad i thought about helping orphan girls in my community and through my friend josphine (not her real name) support over 10 girls who had nothing , i made sure they have all personal equipments , schoold fee food when they are out of school i made sure they are enrolled in programms that is of beneffit to them . i also help fundraise for them through my events that i do here from friends world wide last year my dreams was to get enough money for my girls not to lack school fee this 2024 now that things have gone from bad to worse in my home country! i want all my girls to report to school with all the requirements needed !i also look forward to enrolling more orphan kids giving back to my community is my biggest sucess something i will never stop doing unless i'm dead but even after my death i will make sure i teach my kids to continue doing what i started the legacy has to continue from one generation to the next because nobody has ever been poor from giving. my biggest challenge is to be disappointed my girls i'm trying to help some take this opportunity for granted and i cant drop them out of my programm so its hard to convince them that they have to make use of the opportunity because it comes once . myhope is to buld a very big center in my community that will be able to acomodate over 100 poor kids for mentorship the center will have everthing in it including hospitality that will help those who have no place to live to have a home something i never had growing up , my other dream is to creat as much employment to many people in my community so that those living under a dollar a day can have better pay from my center from all the services they offer that be cleaning , landscaping , security , teaching , mentoring , enrolling and so forth. i look forward to develop my community in the next 10yrs it wont be the same again there will be room for people who have no place to go after election violence , forceful evictions , natural calamities there will be home for everyone , i'm not doing this for political gain but doing this for my parents who had no place to go , who died of deression from lack of assistance , who left me an orphan after nobody wanted to take responsibilities of helping me . i do this to show my community that you dont have to give back to be rich , you give back to change a life and make a community a safe place to live withought fear of going without not having my center will welcome anybody in need thats my dream and greatest secess i'm working it a big change is coming in my community from my childhood experince

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