Forged in Resilience

SashaGay Ashley , purpose driven success coach.

I'm Sasha-Gay Ashley, a Jamaican whose life took a profound turn when my mom and I migrated to Trinidad and Tobago on August 20th 2012 - a day I'll never forget. The memories of that day are etched in my soul – the nervous belly, the unwelcoming entry, and the blue waiting chair that marked the initiation into a foreign land. Little did I know, this was the beginning of a life-altering journey.

The transition was far from smooth. School became an elusive dream due to my stepfather's negligence, plunging me into a dark period of frustration and despair. From September to December of 2012, my world seemed to crumble. Purposelessness engulfed me, coupled with my new home turning from a haven to a lion's den.

Amidst the chaos, my refuge became the school dance rooms [Drama Club], where I poured my heart into dance, escaping the harsh reality awaiting me at home. Despite excelling academically, pursuing a psychology degree became an uphill battle as my stepfather vowed not to contribute to furthering my educational endeavors. - I was crushed!

My decision to navigate the new terrain of entrepreneurship was my coping mechanism and a doorway to self-discovery. With zero capital, literally $0.00. I started a T-shirt business, designing on Canva and putting my creations out into the virtual world. Even thought I sold only 4 Tshirts, little did I know, this venture would become the pivot point, forcing me to confront the questions that had long lingered in the depths of my soul. Who am I? Is my purpose confined to societal norms and educational pursuits?

My desire to be a motivational speaker, was a childhood dream. It got lost in the pressures of society to be someone else. Adults ask constantly " what do you want to be when you grow up", left only a limited set of options. Police, lawyer, doctors, nurses, soldier. Living in a rural community we weren't exposed to much.

So how do I say, I want to talk for a living? So I choose what everyone else chose. Nursing or doctor. My dream was buried beneath the expectations of others, but resurfaced as I embarked on this tumultuous journey.

Self-doubt and imposter syndrome became constant companions as I transitioned into coaching. Discovering the term online, I was drawn to the description of a Goal Success Coach, feeling an inexplicable connection to it. The journey was a rocky one – from teaching myself the intricacies of business to earning a Coach certification.

Amidst the struggles, I landed my first speaking engagement in 2019, just 1 year of posting online and writing 1 blog. This accomplishment didn't silence the nagging doubts. I questioned my worthiness to guide others when my own life felt like a puzzle with missing pieces.

The pandemic added another layer of complexity – balancing pregnancy, online school, and coaching. Depression threatened to consume me, but I made a conscious choice to trust that God led me to this path for a reason.

Deep down, I'm a servant at heart, compelled to help others heal and find purpose. This was enough for me, I finally felt like I found the thing I could do forever without feeling like I worked a day in my life.

Now, after 12 years, I stand as a testament to resilience, a proud mom, businesswoman, motivator, and purpose-driven coach. The journey was far from linear, marked by sleepless nights, self-discovery, and triumphs born out of sheer perseverance.

As I prepare to launch the Goalfriends Community, I reflect on what would my life be if I waited for a work permit or residency. The journey was arduous, but it shaped me into the person I am today. My story is a reminder that finding purpose is a relentless pursuit, and I urge you, the reader, to embrace your own journey of becoming.

In the transformative journey of my life, my entrepreneurial venture, emerged as a beacon of purpose and impact. Starting with a humble T-shirt business, I realized that the essence of my purpose extended far beyond material success.

As I delved into coaching, MyFootprints evolved into a powerful platform that goes beyond motivational apparel. It became a space where women embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by my coaching expertise. Through this platform, I've witnessed remarkable transformations in the lives of numerous individuals across the Caribbean.

My coaching approach is rooted in a genuine desire to serve and help others navigate the complexities of life. It's not just about setting goals but fostering a holistic self-improvement journey. My aim is to empower women to find their purpose, live in alignment with it, and ultimately lead fulfilled lives.

The challenges and doubts that once plagued me became integral to my coaching philosophy. My struggles with impostor syndrome, fear of showing up, and comparisons with others allowed me to connect more deeply with those I guide. I share not just success stories but the authentic narrative of resilience, perseverance, and unwavering faith that shapes the core of MyFootprints now the GoalFriends Community.

As I prepare to launch the GoalFriends Community after 12 years of relentless dedication, it symbolizes the culmination of my purpose-driven vision. This community aims to provide a supportive space for women, fostering connections, and guiding them on their unique paths to purpose and fulfillment.

My aim is not just to inspire change but to actively contribute to it. I believe that everyone has the potential to lead a purposeful life, and it's my mission to help individuals uncover that potential. Through coaching, motivational speaking, and the GoalFriends Community, I aspire to create a ripple effect of positive transformations, leaving an indelible mark on the lives I touch. In embracing my calling and staying committed to my purpose, I've come to realize that life's true fulfillment lies in the service of others. My business is not merely a venture; it's a manifestation of a divine guidance that led me to where I am today – a testimony to the belief that, with determination and faith, one can navigate challenges and emerge victorious.

As I continue this journey, I invite others to join me in discovering their purpose, embracing change, and building a life that aligns with their deepest aspirations. GoalFriends is not just a business; it's a movement, a catalyst for positive change, and a testament to the transformative power of finding one's true purpose in life.

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