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Hi to all in these great family.I am a young vibrant cameroonian by name Andong magcelia.I most apologized for being late since i was introduced in to this platform due to some difficulties. 

        i was a student,but i stop school due to the political crises that spark up in my country.causing a huge economic crises affecting someone like me who is from a poor family. Life has been so difficult to me since i stopped school in lower sixth.

       Last November 2019, my friend was getting married and i was to be her maid of honor. the wedding was scheduled to take place on Saturday, so i  left the village for Bamenda town where the wedding was to take place. as we were busy preparing for the wedding on Friday evening, i came in contact with sister Tarke Edith who was an aunt to my friend. she called all the young girls around and introduce herself, and told us that she is out to educate young girls like us on self employment and how to stay away from the temptations of the world today. She said she has organised a training to teach young girls and women like us on how to use common things around our environment to make money that will help us and our family. When she started all her preaching, u know as students, we started giving side comments like"hhmmmn at the end, she will start asking us to register..Abeg this woman is making her money". but behold i was so surprise when she said it was free and no money will be paid to attend the training...that was when i was more attentive to hear to here the lectures. After she finished telling us when the training will start and the venue, i walked up to her and told her that i left all the way from the village and i don't have any one in town that i can stay with to attend this training, she was so welcoming and asked more about me which i told her. so she ask me to go back and mobilize other youths and women in my village which i did. i went back home spread the good news to my friends and mothers, which called the attention of almost 92 of us who were interested to grab this opportunity and flee away from poverty. weeks later, i called sister Tarke Edith and told her the number of people interested. so she promised to come, which she came and tough us many products such as Hair treatment, Rubbing oil, hard soap, powder soap just to name a few. I want to thank God for sister Edith for helping us the youths and women of Tuanyang-bome for helping us to be able to make the above things on their own. Right now i am managing a small table market in front of our house. this training has not only teach me how to produce the above mentioned things but it has also tought me business management. 50% of the product being sold on my table market, are made by me thanks to sister Tarke Edith 

Economic Power
Girl Power
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