gander based violence is on the rise

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GBV is more common than you think this days and its sugar coated for fear , of being hurt t

i will begine with a question "what is gender bades violence ? this is violence directed against a person because of that person's gender or violence of a particular gender dispoportionately . what is the UN definition of gender based violence its violence agains women as of any act of gender that likely to result in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women that include hreat, coercion occurrence in public or private life. my friend was beaten by her husband she was married at 17 when she lost both her parents and she was the first born from their family and the only option she had at that time was to go get arried with her younger siblings who were around 5 and 4yo and a six month old baby sister. she really suffered on the hand of that man i will call him a monster because he was one .that man took advantage of her innocence raped her so many times until she got pregnat with twins on top of it she had a six month old siter to take care of together with her toddler siblings .it was so sad to see her be the adult wrapped in a child body she had to be strong for the sake of her younger siblings .n'way that was just by the way .. violence a gainst women fall under 4 key forms we have pysical, sexual , psychological and economic in real life we have seen women go through this and the try to hide it they dont want people to know that they are in danger or suffering because they fear failed marriages , they fear what friends and family will say about them some fear being seen as failures so they choose the beating , sexual harrasment,intimidation, threats and all kinds of dangerous acts . look at our news this days it all about GBV and who end up dead innocent women that cant come out to seek for help , why they fear their so called husband the husband is going to beat them upif they talk , this days taking someonce life is not a big deal topeople the society has changed i dont understand were people get the courage to do all this grousome act is it the series people watch , is it the social meadia access give people idea of homicide , stubing , chocking it has become a normal act . remember the good old days when fear would fill the air when someone is killed or someone has been hurt by their other half , people would talk about it with fear some would hold demonstration to rebuke the killing act .in the modern sociey its like no big deal . sometimes i ask myself where did we go wrong in 10yrs where will we be in handling GBV is it going to be normalized because things are changing this days .there is this woman i know of she gave birth like two weeks a go she has been suffering in silence until yesterday afer she gave birth that she talked about her husband beating her up every time she wont have sex with her the husband wont let her use contraseptives he denies her food and other basic needs that this woman want i'm so happy that she got help and was absor bed in by one of the organizations that help take care of women that have been through trauma especially teen mothers .i have realize that suicide is on the rise because many people dont want to share what they are going through they choose the dark path .violence do have a long lasting effect on survivors and their family that is something i have learn from meetin victims and just having a chat with them most of them have anger issues and trauma deep inside that is like volcano and its ready to erupt i felt so sad when one woman told me she was infected by HIV and her little teen girls got STI from the same man that he thought was her loving husband i could see the pain in her face when she narrated that to me , i ended uppicturing the scene and got sick in my stomach . i thought to myself how many women end up dead trying to stay is toxic marriages. one woman told me that she got married with a son the son was around 9yo one day her baby started getting sick so she decided to put a secret camera on his son room she was shocked to see the man she call husband raping his little boy and that was it it became a police case and the guy was a rrested and charget with child endangerment do you know that woman had to seek for a sylumbecause the man in prison was still threatening her with kidnap, rape and death.the good news is they are now safe and free fro this monster of a man. GBV should not be sugar coated and most women do because of fear they hide , they keep it to themselves not knowing it is a death threat. i dream of not lossing women to GBV no matter what it takes my group and i will continue spreading the word dont stop talking , say NO TO GBV. that talk can change and save a life that is near end , that" hi "can save a family a sister a mother or a child who is in danger . relationships have its ups and down but once you spot a RED flag that smell like GBV run , and dont bother about what others will think about you , do the best thing go report it to the authority ask for protection you will begiven a restraining order this will save a life of many women sugar coating GBV . dont let nay sayers get you killed run

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