Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

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Ever had an idea that was shot down due to the sole fact that you are a woman? Ever been told "you have it easy with getting a job you want because you are pretty", disregarding your intelligence completely? Have you ever been told you need to "sound smarter"? Have you ever been told "I want to talk to a man", especially in the medical field, etc?

if you have been succumbed to any of the above experiences (or ANY similar situations), this is the time to open up and allow others to feel your sorrow, anger, frustration, etc.

I want to form a woman alliance so-to-speak. I want to formulate a group of empowerful women who have experienced ANY sort of discrimination in the workplace due to attractiveness, hair color, body type, the sole fact of being a women, and the list goes on.

This is a safe haven for EVERYONE. Do not be afraid to open up, we are all here to help lift one another up and make eachother feel worthy of whatever job or life they are trying to uphold.

I will share my story in the coming posts. But for now I want to hear from YOU!

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