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Girls Education is not a Crime, it is a Fundamental Right

It takes me fifteen to twenty minutes to reach home from my office, there are many students and their mothers who wait for me, so that they can discuss their issues with me and I can find them solutions.
Yesterday when I reached home I saw my student Maha was sitting there she was trembling with fear, she was crying very loud and my sister was trying to keep her calm.
It made me very sad and I rushed to her immediately, when she saw me she hugged me tightly and started crying more loud she was almost breathless, she said sister Zeph please save me, please help me, please tell my mom to not do it to me, I have done nothing wrong, you have no complain about me, do you have? I am very careful about things, I never look at boys. I want to go to school; I do not want to leave my education.
I asked her to sit down, gave her a glass of water and promised that I will help her for sure and she will not have to leave her studies, but first she will have to tell me what the issue was?

So she started telling me that what was happened, she told me that when her mother was not at home, she heard some people were fighting in her neighbors and the lady was calling her, she knew her neighbor’s husband was beating her, so she went to help her in her home, and when she reached two boys also came to help.
She did not know that boys were also there, immediately after that her own younger brother who is just 14 years old reached at the spot , and started beating Maha he claimed that Maha was talking to those boys , he told the same to her mother and mother ordered Maha to leave school because now she was not able to go to school and that if her father will come to know this he will kill not only Maha but her mother too and that now she has lost her trust, so she will have to live at home until her marriage.
Maha told me that she had not eaten anything since two days and she was very hungry. She is very sick has a little whole in her back bone which is very painful and with this stress it was more difficult to bear that pain, So of course I gave her food to eat and a cup of tea and then I promised her that I will go to her home and will convince her mother to allow her to go to school and that she went there to help the lady and not to talk to those boys.
It has been 15 hours now when she told me about this, I am in my office this time and I am thinking to go to her home after this. But my heart is so full of sadness for her, she has only one dream and that is to get education, she is in 10th standard this time just 16 years old and it was like a big battle for her to reach here, every day was so tough for her, maybe she still has not eaten anything, maybe she was not given medicine in the night, maybe she had been crying all night, maybe she is thinking that her dream to get education further will not come true.
There are millions of people in the world who have many big dreams, but in my country there are thousands of girls who have only one dream which is to get education and for most of the girls it remains dream only. I would request to all our readers to pray that when I talk to her mother she will allow her to make her dream come true, this is our reasonability to make it happen for every girl, we have to tell such men who are like her brother and father, that a desire to get education for girls is not a crime, it is a fundamental right of every girl.

Gender-based Violence
South and Central Asia
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