Photo Credit: VSF 2023 second quarter event flyer

Self Actualization begins with Self Awareness

The best time to know WHO YOU ARE was yesterday. Then, the next best time is NOW.

Young persons can't afford to live life without a better understanding of WHO THEY ARE. They might end up living in the shadows of every other person.

Being aware of ones make up, natural abilities, strength and capabilities gives one a big edge in many facet of life.

It helps navigate through the right opportunities, relationships, expectations, and also open one up to consciously convert weaknesses into strength needed for life's journey.

More so, Self Awareness pave grounds of understanding other people around us, which gives room for peaceful coexistence amongst other positivity.

Young people were given the opportunity of getting to meet and know themselves for more deliberate living. All for free.

Our Personality facilitators did so much great jobs in the 2023 second quarter VSF event.

Young people were also guided into doing Personality tests.

It was a virtual event which pulled results even as these young people attended Personality Grooming Classes.

Been aware of strengths and weaknesses is one of great step to finding one's place in Life. Every young person needs this!

Looking forward to 2024 edition of Self Awareness and Development event.

Calling for Partners and sponsorship to enable us HELP in full capacity.🙏

Please, reach out to us via virtuoussisters@gmail.com

Would you love a young girl to be a part of VSF? Share this link with her: https://chat.whatsapp.com/BdxEj1VkDxe3mli9KuamUJ

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