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animated teenagers together in what they "call sleep over" but they use teen language and call it sex-over

We celebrated WORLD AIDS DAY on the 1st of December and it was so shocking to see how many young women in the age of 6- 18 are infected with immunodeficiency virus (HIV)we soon be facing (HIV ) crisis in kenya thats how i see future generation leading us there ! why do i say that? young people lack understanding and awareness about sexuality and how best to protect oneself against sexual transmited infections or even unplanned teen pregnancy. we tend to shy away from sex education because we think its embarassing to talk about sex to young children !!forgetting how this young minds know more than we think they do ! !! with the technology and the moder sleep over trend that is being planned in school without parents knowled and other things teen copy from western world all over the place things have changed with access to internet and cheap digital phones young kids can see anything in black and white then takes it into practise with their best friends or even family members their parents on the other hand are so busy with day to day life and what is bringing up kids technology kids do what they watch forgetting the consequenses from it. look at kids this days they look like adults ! some are so so big ! but they are only a teenager and under 18 most have their first sexual encountr @ 8 and they dont see it as a big deal and they dont care there is this girl she is only 10 , she went for a sleep over thats were she got her hiv infection..1 what generation are we bringing up i dont support sleep over because those kids together do terrible things that most parents know nothing about. in most parent minds they think they are just sleep over but from it there is sex,there is lesbianism , other seual exploration amongest them.. i know i wont get a support from this because most parents think you cant tell them what to do or not to do with their teen kids .so we started aprograme in church were we give sex education to kids from 6 - 18 who would like to be educated its free programme and i ask those kids personal question/! guys what kids know will shock you imagine a 12yo having sex every time they close school and the parents have no idea the kids confess to you . its not only a sleep over its sex over. one kid was( 1o)yo and she had STD her parents had no idea so we had to break the news to the parents to seek medication the little girl was really smelling rotten egg whe i did my investigation the kid have been having sex with his neighbour boy child who is( 15) i was shocked but not very shocked . as we continue with our sex education programm ONE kid around (13) told me she lost her purity to her friend and they still have sex every time her parents are not home. so from me gathering all this sensitive information was thinking sex education should be re- introduced in schools because the generation growing up see it all over even if we pretend that they are still kids thats why i plan to take action to gear up for junior institution to start sex education programs and also creat a wareness of dangers of HIV and its concequencess bet witht his will help few teenagers who have no idea of why they should not have sex at early age the disadvantages of teenage sex it will be a sensitive topic but its worth it trying to save the next generation. we headed the wrong direction kids having kids and kids giving birth to babies with HIV . i meet a teen girl who lost her virginity,got pregnat and had HIV infection from her first sexual encounter the funny thing is she found out she was HIV positive during child birth . i was so sad to hear that we need to embrance HIV status check once teenagers are sexually active because we have no idea who they are sleeping with without protections now that parents shy a way from talking about sex for fear of being hated by their teen children who have over power them and do things behind their backs . my goals is to continue with my sex education to kids who are ready to be mentored and teach them the dangers of sex before married without sounding like a none to them because this generation dont listen they role their eyes as you talk to them it really need work,support and confidence and funds to nature this teens who have been swallowed by the world .i plan to share my idears with other NGOS who deal with teenages in my community so we share notes comeup with a program that will help reach out to as many teens as possible with any tools and materials available and no matter what it takes we wont sit and watch the next generation drown with HIV infection i look foward to change by next year there will be a diffrence in statistics , and even if we can save evryone the few we will reach out to will share their thoughts to their friends and i belive it will make a diffrence .i also plant to share my thoughts with local goverment institutions to spearhead the issue to national goverment so that it can become a movement save little teen from HIV infection , embrance hiv status check, abstain from sex before marriege try to make it national campainto will reach out to teens who are into technology and other social network apps .this is the future generation and if we dont protect if from HIV its going to be a generation in trouble the generation that dont fear death or respect their bodies

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