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I nominate KirthiJay from the depths of my soul...because I have been a victim of Domestic Violence

My Nomination will be in the form of straight and soul answers to the question prompts from WP: Do you know someone who embodies the essence of World Pulse? Oh yes I know KirthJay and I hereby nominate her for the WP Impact category. What do you most appreciate about this member? At the height of the pandemic, when some like myself were going "cuckoo" with nerves and moods swinging, Kirthi was launching a Covid - GBV tracker wow; You could read more about that laudable initiative in her dashboard, one which she sums up herself thus "This website serves as a tracker that curates the following sources of information documenting the rise in gender-based violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: a) News media reports  b) Organizational reports and statements c) Governmental and inter-governmental statements and policy measures d) Academic and Non-academic research reports. In addition, this tracker is also rolling out a survey to gather empirical data from organizations engaged with receiving distress calls from survivors. These data are mapped and presented through reports, infographics, and briefing notes.. I first fell in love with Kirthi's work when I read about her GBV app, and I lamented to myself that I wish I had had such an app up and running when I was in the pits of my own GBV saga (not that I even knew what smart phones or apps were hahahaha)  And her response to Amazon Aramide's demise, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww say a heart and soul of so inspired and motivated and encouraged.  And her app Saahas hmmmmm please read for yourselves here and see why Kirthi is so deserving of the impact award. How does she embody the World Pulse Spirit? "She lifts up those around her. She speaks out for what she believes. Listens with empathy and without judgment. Seeks personal transformation. She is trustworthy. She is a connector. She uses technology, and she is passionate about making a difference". Yes Kirthi does all of that and more.  How does she encourage others, create impact in her community, and/or use her voice to uplift others? Kirthi like myself refused to stay a victim or pity party Queen, she created and app which can be accessed by thousands and hundreds of thousands the world over. This is such an impact not only in her community but globally. What impact has she made in your life? She has made me feel special, that I am being heard and that I am creating impact too. I couldn't believe Kirthi I was so admiring from afar would send me a polite email asking if she could nominate humble me too; I felt so special. Dear Kirthi, I am rooting for you all the way Thank you for all you do  

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