I PROTECT ME (IPM) teaches Women and Children self-protection skills in Cape Town

85% of Safety is in our hands. IPM is taking the Rape Bull by its horns in Cape Town, S.Africa. They are training Trainers to go into the community to teach women, children and other vulnerable adults how to protect themselves without using weapons.

“First we help the women and children by showing them how to diffuse conflict situations in the home and in the street,” says Monica, the founder of IPM. The training includes awareness and addressing own sexuality and redressing bad habits.

So, the training is not about attacking. It is about obedience and respect. But, all else failing, they are taught how to defend themselves without using weapons, so as to get away and report.

The training has been developed by a martial arts expert who has had enough of seeing women being raped in Nairobi, where he lives.

“My wife literally ordered me to do something,” says Duncan Bomba, after one too many rapes and murders of women and children in Nairobi.

Duncan then developed 40 moves, which he now trains Trainers to go and teach women and children.

IPM managed to get sponsorship for airfares for Duncan’s team to go from Kenya to Cape Town and the heavens smiled on the project because ALL TRAINING IS BEING OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE to those in the community who need it most, and who are the least able to afford to learn how to defend themselves.

• I PROTECT ME was last week launched as a non-profit organisation in Cape Town, S.Africa in celebration of International Women’s Day
• The first Training the Trainers course starts on 17th March in Cape Town
• The Trainers are tested and if they pass, they can teach those moves to groups of up to 50 individuals within 2 hours
• The training is age-appropriate (for example in schools it is delivered in separate age groups)
• The training is cultural-appropriate (IPM is not teaching disobedience but respect)
• No weapons are used
• The training will be repeated and regularly refreshed, especially in schools where IPM is working with the
Department of Safe Schools to teach school children
• The South African Police and Social Welfare Department are contributing with presentations on social and legal
rights and resources so that the IPM Instructors can be a vehicle of information to the community
• NGO’s, schools, mosques, churches, synagogues, temples – are asked to send their volunteers for this free
training, so that afterwards they can go back to teach their own members in groups how to defend themselves, with
regular refresher courses, under the supervision of IPM.

Rape is the petrol on which Aids runs, so by attacking Rape we attack Aids!

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