I refuse to go back

Simon K. Mureu.  ,an Adventist living in KENYA.THIS IS MY OWN STORY

It’s interesting to become a writer. I am one among many. I enjoy being a co-worker in this major LEADERSHIP Ministry. I always write within “Visionary”


It came to me much early in mid-seventies. By then I was young. I saw myself sitting a long desk that held lots of books, a huge pen in an ink pot and papers. “What is happening?”. I asked to myself. A great voice replied: “You will read all this and then write them up”.

In great fear, I moved out of the bed and went to spend the rest of the night in my grandmother’s hut. The following morning, I informed my elder-sister about this. “You want to become another Joseph”? “She asked me, “I never ever told her anything to do with my dreaming”.


I started writing what I call bedroom writing. Nothing I wrote did leave my bedroom. I wrote book manuscripts then would put them under the bed.


Then, one day I decided to send my manuscripts to a publisher who rejected it outright. I felt angry with this editor. After a few days I showed the rejection letter to my cousin who like the editor commented “With your lowest level of education, you can never make it in writing.” In anger, I threw my manuscripts into the fire.

It is true my education is not to the highest. I covered primary seven in the flash of six years instead of the seven years. I did standard one and two within one year. This is so far is lowest level of education system in Kenya, a grade that may take you to no where.


Then I decide4d to be writing articles and mailing them to editors. Results; REJECTIONS. I decided never to write again.

After a good number of years, I returned at my desk. By now I had mastered a lot of courage and had been reading more widely


I decided to start in letters to the Editor many of these were published in both Newspapers and magazines in Kenya. This encouraged me and helped developing my English language.


I decided to do articles again. This time my article was not rejected. Instead, it was returned with about ten questions for me to me answer. But the big luck was not even near. The publication that was to publish this article was banned. I was so near yet too far. I remember all too well I cried this moment. for the freedom of press


It’s during this moment of trial I decided not go back. I pressed on writing letters to the editors page and kept my ego alive.


My first story was published in the month of September, 1989 followed with the second in November the same. Due to this “STEP MAGAZINE” Publication of the Youth for Christ awarded me with a certificate of merit. By then I was attending to their writer’s workshop.

Today, I am a published writer with many of my articles being published here in Kenya’s. South Africa and in the U.S.A I hold a Diploma in Freelance writing and a certificate in writing which covers;

Article writing

Book writing …and writing for children.

I am Currently developing two fiction novels. My vision has been unfolding slowly and sure. I will continue to fulfill it as a co-worker in Christ… In a struggle towards writing according


Matthew 28:19-20. Writing is an interesting Ministry. Through hardworking coupled in prayer, it’s a worth while craft worth developing


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