I'm Available As a Mentor for Featured Changemakers!

Hi Lovely Trailblazers,

Just an FYI that if you're a Featured Changemaker and you're looking for a mentor, I'm available!!

You can see my mentor bio on my profile now under the "mentor" tab. And, if you're interested you can request me as a mentor. The Community Moderation team will make sure you have completed the necessary steps and then they will reach out to me giving me a chance to review your profile and consent to the match. After I consent to the match, the team announces the match, inviting us both to sign a partnership agreement to work together as mentor-mentee over six months.

This is a little bit about me and my mentoring experience:

I have mentored numerous girls and women on World Pulse to help them develop their personal, professional, and entrepreneurial skills. I have helped empower girls and women of all ages, providing overall guidance and support, sending funding and job resources to them, connecting them with other members, listening to them and ensuring they feel heard, helping them with technical and writing assistance for story calls, writing recommendation letters, and encouraging them to always be authentic and to follow their dreams. I can specifically help with marketing and branding, self care, personal development, networking, organization, self promotion, and goal setting and achievement.

If you have any questions about the mentoring program, Vaishnavi (orange bubble chat) is the expert, however, you can also refer to the Mentoring FAQs: https://worldpulse.crunch.help/en/search?query=mentoring+FAQ

I'm looking forward to working with you soon!

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