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In Summary

• Professor Oniang'o is a reputable Scholar, Philanthropist & Politician

• She is a former Nominated Member of Parliament

• She Established Rural Outreach Africa (ROA, an NGO that addressed plights facing families in Butere, Khwisero, Lurambi, Mumias East, Mumias West & Matungu constituencies

• She is currently vying for Butere Constituency Parliamentary seat

rofessor Ruth Oniang'o is a Kenyan scholar, philanthropist and a political activist who for a long time has gone beyond cultural jingoism both politically and academically.

Prof Ruth Oniang'o was nominated a member of Parliament of Kenya's ninth Parliament  from January 2003 to December 2007 on PNU party, a political party that was led by former President Mwai Kibaki. 

During her epoch as a Member of Parliament, Prof Oniang'o made remarkable contributions on the floor of the house which majorly touched on family nutrition, food security as well strategies on the boosting of  agriculture a core engine to Kenya's economy. 

An online journal seen by us adds that Prof Oniang'o supported a number of Bills that addressed various plights Kenyans were going through during her epoch as a member of Parliament. For instance, she supported a bill to professionalize Nutritionists and Dietitians. She also brought to floor a bill that addressed drought and famine which supported the exploitation of modern technologies including biotechnology by African Scientists and policy makers. 

Throughout her lifetime Prof Oniang'o has been a champion of better lives among the people she served. 

Prof Oniang'o started Rural Outreach  Africa (ROA) in 1993 whose main goal was to improve rural poor people's families in the following Sub Counties of Kakamega County; Butere, Khwisero, Lurambi, Mumias East, Mumias West and Matungu. 

Her efforts addressed a variety of issues including food security, wealth creation, women Economic Engagement, environment, health and sanitation including HIV/AIDS, housing, education and poverty eradication. 


Having made tremendous contributions to the community, Prof Oniang'o who hails in Marama Central, Butere Sub County was early this year approached by a group of men, women and youth to vie for Butere seat, a position they argue would see the Constituency make greater strides under their long serving philanthropist. This move was well received by Mama Ruth hence throwing herself in the political field.

A few weeks ago, I paid a Courtesy call to Prof. Oniang'o in her Butere home, she looked energetic, focused and optimistic to clinch to Butere seat. Her home was filled by tens to hundreds of locals in groupings a sign and a hope of seeing Mama Ruth Oniang'o in the august house come august this year, 2022.


Prof Oniang'o believes in gender equality. She argues that both men and women have equal opportunities to vie or get employed at the same time make community contributions.

Based on her past deeds, Prof Oniang'o believes it her time to serve people of Butere as her past records are clear.

She also urges that women across Kenya to not shy or feel inferior but instead go for what their egos and passion directs them to do.

If elected Prof Oniang'o will address:

• Education

• Security

• Good infrastructure

• Economic Engagement Programmes

• Among other services to her constituents.


Economic Power
Girl Power
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