It Kills Your Spirit ll

Continuation 👇🏽

I mean a lots of issues happened, Went back to his ex girl friend and they come to the house to misbehave under my roof etc. His parents took side of him anyway. Finally, he kicked me out of his house. I told myself Lisbeth you will never beg a man for loving him. He has bite more than he has chewed. If you are listening to me today, a any man whom you love from your heart, who reject you is not worth your tears.

Yes when I moved out I seek for an abuse centre through their yellow book I got their contact and call them and they came for me. I do not have money with me and dont know the direction also, so they came for me.

I met a lots of abuse women at the center and we encourage each other until we see the day passing by. We are fed there and commodated by the government so it was for free. Anyway we will not have gotten money to pay. There I started the divorce process, I vow never to return to the abuser house and did exactly that.

Later, after the divorce I came back because the divorce affected all my papers and I even lost my tertiary education that I had enrolled by then.

Is it not life that is important? Today I live to tell my story to the whole world. Since am alive my future is bright.

I am struggling to pick up myself after I returned but my hope is blissful. Starting all over again after my built foundation collapse. We shall get there is my consolation.

The only wrong I did was fall in love with a "stupid" man I chose to love him but he rejected me. I struggled until I decide to move back, but it's the lessons learnt that kept me going. All I need now is a legal case, I plead my case with God.  

You to, plead your case with him, your God. No man is worth your tears. You are the apple of his eyes, only God can hear your plead. 

This exposure to this violence has made me lost appetite for men, I am literally am scare of them. Over ten(10) years now I am still looking at them with my spec's. However, I agree that we still have lovely men out there who treat their wife's like from heaven, may God bless such men because you are doing the work of God.

I wish young women will learn from this my journey of marriage -sweet bitter journal of marriage.

In this month of 16 days of activism, am availing myself to any organization who are into gender base activities, if you like to add me to activities for any talks, I am available to share my experience gladly and so we counsel ourselves.

May God be our protector. Amen!

Thank you


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16 Days
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