It takes Courage to be an Encourager

Encourage is one of the beautiful words created. It's so simple yet so powerful. If we always do it, the world will be better. But sometimes it's hard to encourage others if you don't know how to do it to yourself. That's why I believe that for a person to encourage others, she has a real and loving concern for people. And if someone asked me who is the first person that comes to my mind when I hear the word encourage, I will answer in a blink of an eye that it's maeann.

Maeann always makes us feel that it is safe to share our stories. May it be about fears, failures, hopes, and dreams. She will assure you that she hears and understands you. She also shares her ideas and advice that can help us improve. It shows how she believes in each one of us. That we can do it.

She is an inspiration. She is a woman with a courageous heart and a generous spirit.

So let me have the honor to nominate maeann ( for the Encourager Award.

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