Kandake Initiatives; Empowering women for an equal future

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Message - Together, let's inspire change and build a future where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

In the pursuit of a world where intellectual attainment knows no gender boundaries, Kandake Initiatives emerges as a feminist organization dedicated to educational equity. With a resolute vision to witness women making a lasting impact globally, Kandake Initiatives aims to empower young girls in Ethiopia, enabling them to carve their own paths free from societal pressures.


● Access to education

We plan to advocate both online and offline (depending on the target audience) for better access to education.

● Quality of Education

We want to create a platform where the youth can develop themselves professionally, explore different paths and discover their passion and learn from our different programs as well as from their peers. To hopefully help them gain an insight into essential skills and information they wouldn’t get in formal education.

● Educational Equality

We aspire to see a world where the education system is gender inclusive and a nurturing environment for girls and young women to empower them and make them as impactful as they can be.

We plan to encourage, support, and assist girls and young women to join a program field they’re passionate about (whatever that might be) without the societal pressure that is constantly being inflicted on them at a very young age.

We also believe that we have to work on parents' attitudes as well. There’s a clear difference in how they raise their daughters and sons in Ethiopia. So we want to educate parents, specifically mothers, in this area.

Vision Statement

 A world where there's no difference in intellectual attainment between men and women.

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