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Letter from women around the world wanted. SHARE YOUR VOICE!

I find all women’s stories, letters, poems and notes inspiring and they can touch on every emotion. I am an Art Advocate.... I educate and bring awareness thru the arts and voices of others by using visual arts, music, letters and poetry writing. I just closed an Art exhibit titled FEMICIDE which took place in the New York Area and included artwork and support from women all around the world. A harsh description of how women are treated around the world. How women are killed just because they are women. Although we have come a long way as women leaders we still have a much longer way to go in my developing countries.
I am currently organizing a show titled "SILENT VOICES… BREAKING BARRIERS" which will include letters from women around the world speaking on subjects like love, peace, hate, fear, politics, rape, culture, slavery, disabilities, family, abuse, suicide, economics and so much more. They must be written in the English language and will be either exhibited in the gallery or read as a monologue during an ALL women’s empowerment performance.
I am hoping that someone will read this post and be interested in participating in this project and forwarding this information for all to see and hear. I am accepting letters from anywhere in the world.... written on any paper and in any format. It is the voice that I am trying to reach, the energy of the words and the feeling from the heart. If you cannot write please draw your story. WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL…. I WANT TO HEAR YOURS.
We have so much to learn from one another... if we can bridge the gap of fear and the unknown that separate women then we can become a powerful unity. The show is to take place in the New York area in the early part of 2013.
I can be contacted at my name is Mia Roman and I am and Artist from the New York area. Hope you will join us in peace and unity thru the arts and creative writing!!!

Lets share our stories and inspire other women to do the same.
Thank you, Peace and Harmony! Mia

Gender-based Violence
Northern America
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