Maryam's dream

I wanted to tell you about the wishes that are like a dream and a dream for me, and they are impossible to happen.

I dreamed of being a girl who would be a role model for others, and when I became an engineer, I was very happy because engineering in my country was only for boys, and few girls wanted to become engineers because girls were not interested in engineering because of the difficulties and difficulty of the subjects, but I proved that a girl can also become an engineer.

But this dream was very short because the Taliban came and I could not continue.

Later, I wanted to work in the defense of women's rights and make the voices of girls heard in the world, and that is why I joined the worldplus group and worked here.

But I wish that one day my story will be published in the magazines of the countries of the world, I wish that I will be mentioned as a strong Afghan girl in the magazine and my work will be expressed, I really wish that I can publish my photo and story. see in one of the foreign magazines.

If someone can help me in this area, I would definitely like to cooperate with them because it is my wish that the world learn about the strength of Afghan girls by seeing my story in magazines.

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