Most Nigerian girls have access to limited resources to support their dreams because of their inability to use computer and have access internet. This year WIDC made it part of our year projects to organize 6 weeks media training for 35 girls.

This project was organized for girls that are just coming out of high school after their final examination. WIDC first took these girls through our 4-day Agency-Based Empowerment workshop where the girls were able to be rooted in personal empowerment and spiritual consciousness.

The 4-day empowerment model, developed by the U.S.-based Empowerment Institute, teaches participants to shift their patterns of thinking from pathology to vision and equips them with tools to develop belief in themselves and their own agency, to set goals, and to create the support systems that will enable them to reach those goals.

It was after this empowerment workshop that the girls were divided into four groups for the media training because we could only provide 4 Laptops for the training. The media training becomes necessary because for these girls to reach the goals they have set for themselves during the workshop, they need to have access to resources that could help them to achieve these goals. Therefore, learning how to use computer which they were all handling for the first time becomes germane. Also access to internet and communities of women and girls like World Pulse becomes important for these girls to actually create the lives they want for themselves.

After two weeks of our training 9 of these girls have created emails for themselves and they have joined world pulse communities. This week they will be able to fill their profile on World pulse and their stories will be coming in.

I am imploring all World Pulse community members to please encourage these girls that have heard a lot about the community so that they will be warmly welcome and feel at home in the community.

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