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Menitos Annual Back to School Project

Menitos branded notebooks at a BTS event

Photo Credit: Daramola Tolu

Some of the books given out at the event

Three years ago, we started a program that was supposed to provide a few notebooks and books like fourfigure tables, dictionaries to a fews students, The first event was held at a small church hall not far from Old Nitel in Agege. Even before we started the event, the people had already spilled into teh street, we ended up asking parents to stand outside so teh children could sit,

So in 2022, we approached a school, VictoryLand School and they let us use their hall, the school is literally four times the first hall, at first, it seemed adequate, but by the end of the program, all our team memvers were outside teh hall as they had to vacate their seats for children who kept arriving with their parents

This year's event was held at teh same hall, we got more chairs and even re arranged the program, hoping to improve crowd management, well i am glad to announce that once again we filled teh hall to its seams.

IF you are wondering why we cant get a bigger space, it is not about space, it is about the volume of lkids who need support with educational materials like school bags, notebooks, shoes to mention a few. These items are what we give do a collection drive for and give out every year at our Back to School Program.

Every year hundreds of children rely on the program for the educational items their parents cant afford. the program also support with school levys for those in public school and so as we close teh window on this years edition, we ask that you help us spread word that

Donation is harmless recycyling of items that you or yourkids have outgrown

Every donation goes directly to meet the educational of children at high risk of dropping out of school

Our mission is quite simple, to reduce and possibly eliminate drop outs ins chool before SSCE. We believe it is possible and we are gradually building a network across teh country to ensure that we leave no chiild behind as we race to achieve our primary goal of SDG$

We are currently recruiting volunteers across Nigeria and I am hoping to find more corporate collabortions and individual donors to expand the current reach of the project

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