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Mobile Blind School

For centuries girls are trying hard and fight for their basic education. There was once a scenario where in India girls were not left out of their home. Later due to many women activists this situation changed and girls were sent out to learn, atleast to get their basic education. At present this situation completely changed and women are imprinting their footsteps in every field.

If this is the situation of the girls for years and years in terms of education, think of those girls who are disabled. How hard they should have tried for getting their basic education. Due to awareness and technological improvement in this century blind girls are able to get the basic education and thus they are getting an opportunity to explore the outside world.

One of my vision is to give basic education to blind girls who are confined within the four walls of their home right from their birth. It is difficult for the parents to allow their blind daughters to stay in a residential setup and to get basic training. When I approached the parents, they hesitated due to poverty, lack of awareness, poor transport facilities, long distance and personal reasons. But I was strong enough in my goal. The one and only lingering question that was in mind was “How can I educate the blind girls like me those who are  in remote areas and how they can be free and independent”?

Finally I got the solution saying Let the school reach the blind girls at their doorsteps” because I was again very sure of the fact that the blind women those who are afraid to come out, and who are ashamed to raise their voice due to their gender and disability should be identified and trained  in all spheres.

Keeping this in focus, in 2012 I started a MOBILE BLIND SCHOOL with the support of my well wishers. I used to have educational kits, Braille devices, Android phones, Laptops with speech software, mobility aids and other audio aids in my mobile van. I used to travel each day from morning to night reaching atleast five blind girls home in a day and train them in all aspects.

Slowly the project started to expand and i started to travel all villages in my states. Stayed in villages and started to train blind girls with the help of mobile blind school. I could see many blind girls got enough training and they themselves tried to come out of their shackles and tried to fight for their basic  rights.

At present through this mobile school atleast we have covered nearly 100 blind girls in and around our state and now those girls are prepared for social inclusion, increase in level of confidence and independency. Further some blind girls got placed in good jobs and self-sustained.

It is not a single day victory. It is a 7 years of hard work and achievement. Today I want to thank all my well wishers and supporters who were with me in this journey  to bring  a revolutionary change in the life of blind girls.






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