My Journey

I‘m a mystic, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and coach. A lover of Gaia I see our treatment of her as a reflection of our treatment of women. Understanding how to treat the feminine is at the core of our relationship to Life. To regenerate the Earth we need to care about Life in all its permutations.

My work in businesses, teaching at the university level and writing is not enough. I need assistance in clarifying the importance of values in sustainability and showcasing real-world applications. Seeing values as systems is new and complex making simple conversations difficult, but my assessments make research possible.

We want a healthy environment, but we are unclear about what to do or how to go about it. The Sustainable Values Set®: an approach to values that is Life focused instead of human focused, based on how the Earth actually works, extend the circle of care from ‘us/them’, to groups of various sizes to all life on the planet. My goal is to make sustainable values the context for everyday decision-making, ensuring that our choices will support Life, creating a healthier environment for all of us.

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