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My mentorship call for September

"My mentorship call is always a time to discuss intensely about work in the most relax mood you can ever imagine while maintaining a high degree of professionalism on the part of my mentor. A time to draw more inspiration, motivation and encouragement, a time to discover opportunities that can still be exploited, and a time to be validated for even those efforts that seem negligible but add up to create so much impact".

   I had been putting off my mentorship call for a while because my Dad was very sick and living with me, eventually passed on, burial arrangement and then a fire incident that burnt up part of my empowerment workshop. 

  I have had this depressing feeling that all these recent happenings have retarded my professional life and so I was desperate for this mentorship call today.

    Judy my mentor is so versed and equipped with so many skills that are related to the work I do. Its unimaginable how she does it but I am very convinced that the driving force behind this is the love and passion for the services she renters as a mentor. Although I was anxiously looking forward to her call, I was afraid I would ruin it as I felt pretty overwhelmed and crabby from tiredness and all.

To my greatest surprise that was not the case. I found myself smiling broadly all through the call especially as after each discussion I keep telling myself that " I could never have asked for any other mentor than Judy, she is simply the best'

    Like any other call we have had before, it was mentee centered.

We talked and analyzed the work I have done since our last mentorship call, challenges and possible solutions and future opportunities I can exploit in order to continue creating impact. Haven told her about the activities I am planning to carry out during the next two months with a smile on her face she made this remark" I am so proud of you and all the work you are doing" 

That was so uplifting and a great source of encouragement and motivation.

Despite her high level of professionalism which I admire and respect so much Judy will always ask after my family during our mentorship calls. This is so important to be as it is a clear indication that she has my happiness and that of my family at heart. She was so happy to hear the political crisis is easing up a little and promised to visit next year. Can’t wait to have her at the empowerment center a place she put in so much efforts through her mentorship to build.   Thank you, Judy. I want you to know that I do appreciate all that you do as a mentor.

  Every mentorship meeting adds more Value to the work I do for women and girls with disabilities and other Vulnerable persons especially as it’s an opportunity for new work-related ideas.

Thank you, Jill, Dawn, Manasa and World Pulse Team, for pairing me up with such an amazing mentor. World Pulse always rocks!!!.


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