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My Sisters City for My sisters

Five years ago,  I had the opportunity to attend Worldpulse Board meeting as a Community member.  It was not the first opportunity to meet my Amazing Worldpulse sister but it was the first opportunity to birth many dreams.


That particular meeting changed the course of my history in three eternal ways.

1. Colleen centre was built 

2. Otun Food Bank was built 

3. Sisters City miraculously appeared. 


This is about Sisters City. 

During one of the meetings,  I was opportune to meet Sister Julie a passionate women's rights activist. We became instant Sisters and she invited me to some places.  Amongst the people I was able to meet is Luna the Bringer of Light. 

Luna invited me to her office and house and we decided to work some things out as regarding the sales of my Treasures.


We kept in touch via Facebook only.

That was five years ago! 


In May 2021, Luna sent a message to me that read thus....Hello my dearest earth Angel, I have a question for you,  what could  it cost you to make one of your wildest  dreams  come true.? I might be able to connect you with someone that could make that happen......


It was a miracle after some depressing news. 


Immediately I explained to her that my dream was to build a housing city for 36 women who are in dire need of accommodation.  I wanted to name it Tosin Town then, she was so happy and she linked me with her friend. 


That was how it began! Six months later, Sisters City Utelu Owo Western Nigeria is birthed. It is built on THIRTY SIX PLOTS OF LAND.


It was like an impossible dream come true. I asked for more, she was able to support us, free farm, free water, bus, truck and many more, just to make the city and our free farm comfortable  and possible for me to run and for the women to live in.



If anyone tells me that I will be able to achieve so much in 2021, I will never believe.  But, look at what God has led my sisters to do within six months. 


My sisters city is for my sisters only. A place of peace, a space of refuge, a space for any indigent women to retrace her steps and take back her life after some traumatic life experiences. 


Sisters City is rent free and women can live for two years without any payment of rent. This is to allow as many women to avail themselves the opportunity of living in this serene environment. 

Sisters City has bedding,  chairs, tables,  cooking utensils and camp gas. Only serious women looking forward to transform their existence will be allowed into this city.


Sisters City is less than 7 minutes drive from Owo and our free farm for females,  a 24 acres farm is just 5 minutes drive from Sisters City. 


Owo is in the Western part of Nigeria,  5 hours drive from Lagos state. 


Sisters City is the first of its kind, and it is made possible because I met Julie on Worldpulse. 


One click 

One connection 

One sisterhood 

One Sisters City.

One world.

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