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Not crippled by FEAR

My coach told me that FEAR is an acronym for FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL.

It took me long to absorb this. I mean, the 'false' didn't settle! Like, what's False in a situation as obvious as ME! 😒

Orrr... could it be my Teacher’s way of excusing my unending questions about life and fulfilment???

And as I progress in life, this thing becomes clearer. I just might not go anywhere FAR, if I keep giving in to my FEARS!


Will it meet the public standard?

Will it ever thrive?

Do I have all it takes?

Am I good enough for this?

...are all examples of statement that shows a need to triumph. 

For me, each time I'm faced with FEAR as an option. I choose the opposite! Hey mr FEAR, what's your best game🤣?

Nothing stops me anymore.

If I feel inadequate, I get at it till I feel adequate. 


I look over my work again and I Say "IT IS GOOD". I get my validation from the inside. External motivations are welcomed and treated with regards.


To every young entity out there, afraid of leaping. Scared of rejection or criticism. 

I understand that feeling. 'not good enough...',

While is it best to attain perfection, excellence, brilliance; it is worse not to give yourself the chance to glow. 

Don't consider the numbers of likes, comments and validations you might likely get. I tell you, you might hardly have 2, but one 'like' and validation is enough for a start.

 That is YOURS! YH.

Please, overthrow FEAR and👇

Start that journey now,

Commence the project now,

Start that channel now,

Make that design now,

Write that content now, 

Compose that song now,

Do that talkshow now,

Write that proposal this minute

Ride on that vision, starting with what you have and realistic. The perfect image will surely unfold. 

Before you realize it, You have fought and won FEAR. You are closer to perfect than you can imagine!

Do this and watch the universe smile at you.



I am Oluwatosin (Bello) Joseph



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