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My Vision for the Future

Growing up I envisioned a place in the world for peace. However clichéd this may seem to be and how laughable it may sound, “world peace’, may not be so bad. Peace entails more than just being free from wars, revolts and overbearing dictators. It however entails the one ideal that humans crave, security, the surety of the mind. In other words, the peace of mind. This kind of security is hard to obtain. This is due to our desire to be at ease based on our environment, how we define ourselves, how others see us and what we deem is important to us.
This is the kind of security that I would associate with people within my community and the young girls I work with. This peace of mind involves self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem. It is the understanding yourself and appreciating all the faucets of your being, strengths and weaknesses, good points and bad. It is the understanding that an appreciation of self can change not only people but circumstances as well through inspiration and simply being a role model one can emulate. This understanding is that agent of change. It is that understanding that even though the power to change one’s surroundings is limited, the power to influence others to make that change is unlimited. It therefore stands that the agent of change to initiate that peace of mind stands with each and every person who understands the world we live in to be the “bigger man”, to have the courage to stand.
This is the future I envision not only for my community and country but for the world as well. It is the through self-appreciation that we understand ourselves then we can be able to be open-minded, appreciating others and their perspective. This ensures that the ideal of peace of mind is not threatened by ideas of inferiority or superiority, bias, racism and bigotry.
We can undertake this ideal through the medium of mass media, whether it is through print media, Web 2.0 tools or through face-to-face interaction via lectures, mentorship programmes and seminars. Through being a Voices of Our Correspondent, it will not only aid in highlighting the challenges that our people face within my little country, but also facilitates that agent of change that reduces the barriers that hinder the ability for us to achieve that peace of mind we crave. The opportunity creates an avenue for interacting with others from different regions, cultures and backgrounds, understanding their plight and assisting in any way possible to fight the struggles they have endured creating the bond of sisterhood throughout the world. Being a Voices of Our Correspondent is being an agent of change.

  • Leadership
    • Latin America and the Caribbean
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