Our life journey, like a river that touches everything in its path

I have been reflecting on all the twist and turns that take place in a life while I was going through photographs from.when I was a baby until I became a mother and grandmother.

I shared these with my teenage granddaughter today and was surprised at her reaction. She wants to do my story she said I had a very interesting life.

My life started out in Eastern United States and Canada 74 years ago and with innocence and ideals that would be challenged in my adult years.

Some things we plan and achieve other things we don't plan and achieve. These events help build and create who we are

At times we plan and fail ,but this is how some lessons are learned and even in failure we learn new skills.

I never expected to be attending court proceedings for the last 15 years or even living in some of the places I have lived.

There have been many disappointments but also many fond and lasting memories of people I was fortunate enough to know and places that I was lucky enough to live.

I never expected to be dealing with corruption and spearheading investigations like I have for 16 years.

My plans were different as are my dreams abd I had to put those plans in hold for a more important task.

There must be a reason for any of us to learn to switch paths in our journey like going down a river in a canoe we try to avoid the rocks and keep our canoe steady but that is not always possible

We are able to survive in spite of the changing current

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