Everthing in life takes time to grow, you need to prepare the prepare the ground, plant the seeds, give it water. And wait for your seedlings to grow.

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Hi, I'm a single mother, and grandmother. I had my 4 children at a very young age (turned 17) when my first child was born. And I was 24 years old when my lastborn was born, I did not finish school and the highest grade obtained was Gr10. I was a child myself raising children. At 17 you're supposed to enjoy your youth, you're not supposed to be part of the grownup world. I thought I knew everything at the age of 17, I thought I was ready, I thought I was grownup enough to be grownup.

37 years later I know I wasn't ready to be grownup, failed my kids in so many ways. With proper education, proper parenting, proper life experiences, proper warnings, I failed them to be proper grownups with the ability to analyze problems and overcome them.

Today at the age of 53 I am reaping the fruits of my stupidity. Having to raise two of my grandchildren, due to their father being a drug addict. I have been a single mother since 2002 and started my working career as a waitress. Slowly but surely, I started to climb the career ladder, being a receptionist, and working my way up into the HR department, doing payroll, then bookkeeping, so much so that I am able to do a company's books to trail balance as well as preparing financial statements.

Over the years I have obtained a lot of experience and is more than capable to do my duties as Financial Manager. But being single with a single income raising 2 boys, can be a challenge. So many things I am unable to provide for. (Medical aid, after school activities,) to name a few. BUT by the Grace of God, with RippleAdz this, I will soon be able to provide for all their needs in the near future.

RippleAdz is going to financially empower me, so much so that I will be able to buy my own house, pay for the kids' school, after school activities, university, I even went so far as to letting my six grandchildren join the RippleAdz platform, they have got their own Piggy Banks with RippleAdz and once they turn 18 they will be financially stable, and well on their way to a positive future.

What and Who is RippleAdz.

Who? RippleAdz is proudly South African and hoping to launch this wonderful application worldwide within this year. The company was founded in March 2023, and the founder is Mr. B Etsebeth.

What? Do you own a business: YOU NEED DATA DRIVEN MARKETING - "Supercharge your advertising campaigns with RippleAdz cutting-edge data mining platform for your business. Reach your target audience with precision and maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns!"

DO YOU NEED EXTRA CASH, EXTRA INCOME, DO YOU HAVE A PHONE? - You can earn real rewards for your participation. The RippleAdz platform connects advertisers directly with the public, ensuring that your opinions matter and your time is compensated.

Earning potential. Calculator.


Watch one advertisement over 22 days with a network of 780 members and earn a salary of R 16k per month. (the R 16k is when all 781 members received an advertisement over 22 days) You get paid even when your network is watching advertisements.

How does it work, join our network (forward me a message/email) and you will receive a link, complete your form and confirm your email. NOTE RippleAdz do not ask you a FEE to join the network, nor will they ever ask you for any money.

RippleAdz Vision: REVOLUTIONIZE THE WAY BUSINESSES HARNESS THE POWER OF DATA. We believe that in the future, data will not only be collected, but also integrated seamlessly into every aspect of decision-making. Our platform will serve as the backbone of this transformation, empowering businesses to mine valuable insights from our growing database. We envision a world where every campaign is powered by accurate targeting, enabling businesses to reach their desired audiences with precision.

RippleAdz Mission: EMPOWERING BUSINESSES. Our mission at RippleAdz is to empower businesses by providing them with a comprehensive platform to harness the power of data mining. We believe that by offering cutting-edge tools and technologies, we can enable our clients to accurately target and engage with their desired audiences. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to transforming raw data into actionable insights, equipping businesses with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and drive successful campaigns. With RippleAdz, businesses can make waves in their industry, creating a ripple effect of growth and success.

RippleAdz Wallet System: Withdraw your earnings from any ATM, Shoprite, Checkers, PnP, Boxer, or Kazang store. Vouchers form Retailers, Data & Airtime. You can access your earnings anytime. (bank charges do apply)

I'm passionate about RippleAdz and what RippleAdz can offer each and every South African, I'm super excited about RippleAdz and what it will do for communities, and poverty-stricken rural areas, as well as the poor class people.

How much does South Africa spend on advertising.

The timeline presents the advertising spending in South Africa from 2014 to 2018, with a forecast until 2023. The spend is expected to grow from 29.5 billion South African rand in 2018 to 34.9 billion South African rand in 2023.

R 34.9 billion spend on advertising, and then the consumer does not get any money or income for his/her intel on these advert campaigns.

RippleAdz initiative is so excellent if a Company places an advertisement on the RippleAdz platform, the advertisement is sent to the Network, the Network watches the advertisement and answers a few questions, the company receives 100% intel (lead generation) from the Network, and the Network (that's you and me) gets paid to watch the advert and answer few questions.

Why don't you inbox me, start your network today, the more people the more your income. You can earn up to R 235k a month.

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