Scottish example as a precedent for the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh

Recently the whole world was following one of the most imortant cases in the world: Whether Scotland can be independent or not. The whole mass media is full of reports, articles about the process and results of referendum. So, I'll not discover something new. I just want to exhort other states to follow the example of United Kingdom. As I am not mistaken, this is the first case in the history, when referendum of being independent took place without any kind of agression. Well, may be United Kingdom hadn't any kind of complexes surely knowing that "his son" will not leave him, may be the conceptions of democracy and human rights were higher than despotism, may be... and a huge number of "may be"-s. The fact and reality that is clear for all: A great union respected the identification of nations, which is as powerful as the law of territorial integrity as is mentioned in International Law.
Scottish case must be precedent for other states.

I am the representative of the nation, which has struggled for many times for getting it's independence. Sine the beggining of 20-th century we have been persecuted firstly by Ottoman Empire, then in the end of 20-th century by azerbaijanian authorities (their propagandum states the opposite opinion). I'll write later about the first case but the second one is directly connected with the scottish example.
There is a small land between Armenia and Azerbaijan called Arcakh (unrecognized Republic of Nagorno Karabakh).Before the period of USSR Arcakh or NKR had been armenian land (historically). In the period of USSR, In July 4, 1921 Caucasian Communist Party decided that Nagorno Karabakh would be a part of Armenian SSR. But after just one day Iosif Stalin reviewed his decision and without taking into consideration the opinion of the nation living in Karabakh, decided that it would belong to Azerbaijanian SSR. In 1923 Karabakh got a status of autonomous region in Azerbajanian SSR.
The Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous region under the control of Azerbaijanian SSR wanted to be independent in the end of 20-th century. The majority of population of NKR were armenians and wanted to have independent state because of azerbajanian agression toward ethnically armenians. During Well-known war between 1991-1994 the population of NKR could get it's freedom through Bishkek treaty (ceasefire) in May, 1994. In 1992 the population made referendum like today scottish people, according to which the majority of population living in Karabakh wanted to live in the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh. Till now no one recognizes the independence of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh. Azerbajanian side states that karabaghian lands are occupied by armenian soldiers and that armenians (Republic of Armenia) are agressors without taking into consideration that Nagorno Karabakh isn't a region of Republic of Armenia but an independent state (though unrecognized). Azerbajanian side always protects the conception of it's territorial integrity without taking into consideration the law of the Identification of the nations. OSCE Minsk group helps the sides to solve the problem without agression and peace but azerbajanian side oftenly violates ceasefire striking not only toward the peace inhabitants of Nagorno Karabakh but also toward the villages of Republic of Armenia. Before 1997 Republic of Nagorno Karabakh was included in the negotiations as a seperated side but because of azerbajanian efforts (as it doesn't recognize it's independence) it was removed from the negotiation processes. So, till now the conflict is recognized not azerbajanian-karabakhian but azerbajanian-armenian and according to International Society we are agressors but population of NKR in 1992 safe-determined their statement of being independent. So, nothing was done against International Law.
Azerbaijan should follow the example of United Kingdom and understand that human rights, the norms of International Law are higher than the agressive propagandum that is made in Azerbaijan.
Each person (even foreigners) who travels to Nagorno Karabakh is put in the "Black List" of azerbajanian authorities.
I hope that the case of Scotland will somehow change the position of Azerbaijan to review it's policy toward the recognition of the Independent State of Nagorno Karabakh and let the inhabitants feel safety in their own lands.

Ani Ghukasyan, from Armenia :)

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